Conversion-Friendly Webpage

How to Design a Conversion-Friendly Webpage

No matter how beautiful your website looks, or how intuitive the navigation, how quick the pages are to load and how stunning your images, if it doesn’t encourage conversions, then it simply isn’t fit for purpose.

Conversion-Friendly Webpage

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What Exactly Is a Conversion?

Depending on your website and the business that you’re involved in, a conversion could be a number of options. Perhaps you would like your web visitors to sign up to your newsletter, to make a purchase, to arrange a quote or download an e-book – whatever your goal, if your website visitors aren’t taking the bait, then you need to rethink your strategy.

According to Search Engine Land, even something as simple as altering your website’s buttons, colours and fonts can have a positive impact on conversion rates, so it’s worth spending some time on ensuring that your website is encouraging your visitors to engage with it in the way that you hope they will.

Conversion-Friendly Webpage

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Analyse and Research Your Web Visitors

It’s important to analyse your website data to discover the way in which visitors interact with your site. You can discover a great deal about them through Google Analytics and other web tools that help you to decipher their behaviour to give you a true picture of their actions. This should help to inform you about the best way forward, although for maximum impact you’ll probably need some professional input. Look out for developers who offer extra services, such as, for example, a group of web designers in Reading who also offer a range of services that add real value to your site, encouraging conversions by attracting high-quality, motivated visitors who are more likely to convert.

Gain Your Visitors’ Trust

Everyone is on the lookout for scams these days, so prove to your visitors that you are a trustworthy brand from the outset. Use previous customer testimonials to provide reassurance that you offer a valid service, and make sure that your website features all the necessary safety and security credentials. If you’ve won any industry awards or accolades, then be sure to list these prominently, as they add real value to your brand.

Keep It Simple

It’s all too easy to add a host of bells and whistles to a website that simply confuses visitors, so keep your message simple, clear and concise.

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