Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed: 5 steps to prepare it perfectly

Preparing someone’s breakfast in bed is a true gesture of love. On vacation and relaxation days, why not pamper yourself a little?

“I’ll wake you up with some breakfast in bed, I’ll bring you coffee with a kiss on your head”: so James Arthur sings in his romantic ballad Say You Won’t Let Go. Waking up in the morning and finding the loved one who prepared breakfast for us, took it to bed on a tray and passes us a cup of coffee giving us a sweet kiss on the head is a Hollywood film image, but that every woman dreams. Read more about Breakfast in bed: 5 steps to prepare it perfectly

Milk Sandwiches

How To Make Milk Sandwiches

Halfway between sweet and savory, milk sandwiches are a versatile and tasty recipe, to be brought to the table on many occasions: in buffets, at parties, as a snack, as an appetizer or as a tasty side dish.

Simple or stuffed, the milk sandwiches are extremely soft and fluffy and are perfect to be enjoyed with a very sweet filling of chocolate, jam or cream, but not only: they are also deliciously accompanied with cold cuts, cheese and vegetables. Read more about How To Make Milk Sandwiches

preserve muscle mass

Foods to preserve muscle mass during quarantine

If you are an active person who exercises frequently, and you continue doing it during these days of quarantine, we tell you what foods you should continue consuming to preserve muscle mass.

To gain muscle mass and tone your body, you need to practice sport regularly but also take care of your diet. In these gray days of confinement and waiting inside our houses, many people continue to exercise in a confined space with the help of their bodies, a yoga mat, weights or an exercise bike. Read more about Foods to preserve muscle mass during quarantine

How to avoid risks when eating fish

How to avoid risks when eating fish

The fish is very healthy food and provides nutrients and beneficial to the human body. Even so, on some occasions, it can cause health problems due to certain bacteria, parasites or pollutants such as anisakis or mercury. So it is necessary to take certain measures when consuming it. In this One How To article, we explain how to avoid risks when eating fish. Read more about How to avoid risks when eating fish

Eggs don’t believe the false myths: they don’t make you fat

Eggs, don’t believe the false myths: they don’t make you fat. If anything, they help the eyes and hearts. All the health benefits. Research from the University of Sidney based on a diet with 12 eggs per week on the menu. Eggs are digested in just two hours, at least three are needed for meat. And they help the circulation of “good” cholesterol Read more about Eggs don’t believe the false myths: they don’t make you fat