HEIC vs JPG: What’s the Difference?

JPEG format does not need an introduction. This image file format has been around us for a while, and the user’s interest in this file format has been growing ever since. Thanks to its image quality, size of the file and enhanced compatibility. JPEG has proved its worth as a popular image file format among internet users. HEIC, on the other hand, is increasingly gaining traction as one of the most preferred image file formats by Apple users. It is the default photo file format that users make use of in devices powered by iOS. Moreover, it makes use of some of the latest technologies when it comes to compression technology. In this article, we will be taking a close look at the key differences between JPEG and HEIC image file formats.


When it comes to compressing images, HEIC has an advantage compared to the JPEG image format. For encoding pictures, it makes use of a high-efficiency image format. Compared to a standard JPEG image, the compression rate is twice higher in HEIC format. It means HEIC format images consume twice as less storage space as images in JPEG format. In addition, it means users can store more images within their iOS device compared to users who are saving images in JPEG format within their device.


Even though it may be easier for users to view images in HEIC format if they are using iOS devices, the same is not as easier if you are trying to open the image in this format with any other devices such as devices that run on Windows operating system. Suppose you are a smartphone user whose device is powered by the Android operating system. In that case, you may require devices running on Android Pie 9 or the latest operating system versions for viewing images in this file format. Many users are still using Android versions, such as Android Oreo 8, and such users cannot upgrade to the Android Pie 9 version. However, if you are using an iOS device, it converts the image automatically into a JPEG version with the help of native or third-party apps. Similarly, if you are trying to copy images from iOS devices to PC using the USB manually, the images will be automatically converted from HEIC files to JPEG image format. User can navigate to the option denoted as Settings > Photos > Transfer to Mac or PC. To know more about how to convert HEIC file format images to JPEG format images in Mac computer, read https://setapp.com/.

Quality of Image

So one might think that by compressing an image, you may lose the quality in HEIC format, but that’s where HEIC image file format excels. Users can experience superior quality images similar to that of a JPEG format for the images that have been saved in HEIC format. Just try comparing the same images being saved in these two file formats, and you will rarely be able to spot any difference or lack of quality. HEIC image format has an advantage compared to JPEG images when considering depth information, transparency, extended dynamic range etc. HEIC images also perform better while capturing image sequences. Several applications have started to support HEIC format, which will help this image file format to become a popular choice among users in the years to come. Some of the applications that have extended support to HEIC image format include Adobe Lightroom, Pixelmator and GIMP, to name among a few.


HEIC image file format has an advantage compared to the JPEG file format. It is because you get high-quality images at a lesser compressed file size compared to JPEG. Even though users may face some compatibility issues, it is still easier to convert HEIC files to JPEG image file format. You also get the option to manually change the format in which images are saved from HEIC to JPEG image file format by navigating to ‘Settings > Camera > Formats and then change the image file format from HEIC to JPEG by selecting the needed image file format from the option denoted as ‘Most Compatible’. JPEG will continue to be the most popular image file format in the years ahead due to its compatibility with various types of operating systems. However, tough competition is ahead from HEIC image file format. It is up to you to choose which image file format you feel is comfortable. The quality of the images may matter a lot in saving those cherishing pictures you capture with your phone.

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