Of Lottos and Luck: Framing Stories of Lottery Winners

Even if one believes only in hard work and hustle, news about the lottery winner’s lives changing overnight is sure to bring a sigh. Unlike their latest history, the lottery is one of the incredible gifts from China. The lottery is said to have originated under the Chinese Han Dynasty in 205-187 BC. Centuries later and continents away, today the Saturday lotto in Australia is conducted by the weekend changing thousands of lives every year. The year 2020 was not as unlucky to hundred and twenty-two millionaires who won the Saturday lotto during the global pandemic. They predicted the final lotto of 2020, the 30 million dollar Megadraw to sell its tickets at 1200 tickets per minute. The first Saturday lotto of the year 2021 which took place on the 2nd of January built 19 millionaires in Australia. Read more about Of Lottos and Luck: Framing Stories of Lottery Winners

Methods of teeth whitening

Your guide to oral health care

As the demand for braces and Invisalign is increasing across the US, it is a clear sign of people’s reluctance to maintain good oral habits that ensure good oral health.  A sizeable section of the adult population is not following the basic practices of oral hygiene. Everyone knows that good oral health means regular brushing and flossing. But to have that bright and confident smile, you must do something more. Know the correct ways of brushing and flossing that make a massive difference in the outcome. Do what others are doing, but do it differently by following the best practices. Read more about Your guide to oral health care