3 Considerations When Creating A Website That Sells

When starting a new business, one of the first priorities should be creating a website. Every business worth its salt has a website that attracts the right customers and boosts sales. This is true regardless of whether you are looking to conquer the world or just a small part of your country. It is true even if your business has nothing to do with technology.

Businesses without websites today find it difficult to gain credibility in the public’s eyes. Everyone Googles business names, and a location and number is not necessarily enough to get them to look any further. After all, few people enjoy actually using their phones to make calls.

From the start, there are several considerations that will help ensure you are successful.

Appropriate Web Hosting

Do you know what’s worse than a business without a website? A business with a website that doesn’t load. If your website is unreliable, visitors will see your business as unreliable. And many potential customers, when your website does not load, will assume that you’re out of business.

This is why choosing the right hosting is so crucial. A lot of people just go with one of the top Google results, or with a name they’ve heard before. But this just means they market well, not that they are reliable. For that, you will need to see what others are saying. Check out this Namecheap review to see what you should be looking for.

Clean Design

Another big no-no is having a website that, although created in 2019, looks like it was created in 1999. While WordPress or Wix themes should help you avoid this problem, there is still plenty you can do to ruin your design.

The number 1 rule is to keep your design clean. You may want to get a lot of information across, but if your homepage is cluttered with text, images, buttons, and boxes, visitors won’t stay for long. Less is certainly more.

Another rule is to use colors that actually work together. If you don’t have the eye for it, you can use a website like Paletton, which generates a color palette according to your preferences.

Do SEO Right

SEO (search engine optimization) is what will get visitors to come to you, rather than going out to look for them. It helps get your website to the first page of a Google search. Most people know to use keywords that people looking for their service would search. They know that they should use these keywords as many times as possible.

However, SEO is not nearly that simple anymore. Google have continuously improved their search algorithm, and what worked ten years ago might now work against you. Ideally, you can hire an SEO expert who keeps up with SEO trends. Alternatively, you can do some research by following SEO blogs and using websites like HubSpot for help.

Considering these 3 aspects of website creation will help you get on your way to building an effective website which consistently sells.

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