Four ways to simplify international employee relocation

As the world becomes more globalised, increasing numbers of companies have the option of sourcing international candidates to fit roles. Many others are leveraging talent within their ranks by sending them overseas to help bolster their position on an international level. Here is a look at how employers can meet employee expectations and soften the impact when it comes to a move overseas.

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Be realistic

Employers need to set realistic expectations so their employee knows exactly what they are getting themselves into. This means explaining clearly and honestly what the role involves, how they will find life in their new country, and how the move might impact their career progression. Make sure they know what expenses you’ll be covering and what the cost of living will be in their adopted home. Don’t rush the process; make sure everything is up and running before the transfer begins. If things don’t run smoothly, you might end up having a failed relocation on your hands before you know it, resulting in wasted capital and an unhappy employee.

Language support

If you want successful employees, you’ll need to ensure they speak the language of their new country, even if it is at a basic level. Employees who can interact in the native language are happier, more productive and more likely to last the distance. Therefore, it’s imperative to offer a strong level of language training from day one.

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Employee relocation company

Using an employee relocation company like Employee Relocation Services can provide employees with the support they and their families require. These can help make the move as stress-free as possible. According to, this should include sourcing available accommodation, connecting utilities, getting bank accounts sorted and even contacting local schools.

Continue the support

Even after the relocation is over, you’ll need to ensure your employee continues to receive effective support. The stress of a move overseas doesn’t stop when the new job starts. Provide them with an office mentor, help their partner find work if possible, and introduce them to other expats who have been through the same experience. Meeting with other people who have been through the same thing and providing a go-to mentor at work can alleviate stress levels and is more likely to lead to a successful relocation.

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