High-Quality Websites Typically Won’t Use Too Many Images or Too Much Text

Today’s websites often have some images and similar visuals. It’s unusual for a business website today to be mostly blank, or to only communicate with audiences using blocks of text.

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Useful Pictures

In fact, if a website does look like that, it will tend to be seen as old-fashioned. Some modern websites might have this style, but they’ll often do so because they’re trying to seem simple and readable.

However, websites that use too many images can seem just as outdated, especially if the images are presented in a certain way. A website for a photography business or something similar will probably have more images than other sites, which most visitors will expect. Still, the portfolio connected to photographer in question usually will not be immediately obvious the second that people see the website, which is an important distinction.

Websites that are designed to include many pictures will sometimes load noticeably slowly. Many people believe that these issues were only commonplace or severe throughout earlier Internet eras.

However, people can still have problems with a current website that does not load quickly enough for them. People were sometimes more willing to wait for an image to finish loading when the Internet was new, since their expectations were different.

Today, if a website is not ready for them absolutely instantly, it can already be a problem. People usually are not willing to wait for a website at all. While modern websites created by Orlando web design professionals are very technically different from the ones in the past, if the sites have both long videos and multiple images, the load time for the site still might be slow enough to cause demonstrable problems for visitors.

Image Use

People often make sure that the company website’s main page has a prominent picture in the upper section of the page. They might wonder if they should choose a similar format for the other sub-pages throughout the website.

If those pages are important enough, making them more decorative can help. A single image can already make the page seem like it is more valuable.

However, the people who simply include multiple pictures in their Orlando web design to break up long pages of text might benefit from just reducing the amount of text on the pages. If this section of the website is not a blog and has no long written content, the very large amounts of text might be unnecessary.

People might also worry about having a website that doesn’t have very much text content. They might think that this will make the site seem less formal than one that has more writing on each sub-page.

However, even many of the most professional websites these days will use a certain amount of text, but not too much. People won’t see long paragraphs on most websites now. The histories of companies are usually explained in short paragraphs. When people want to read about questions that are commonly asked, they’ll get the answers just as quickly.

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