Relaxation Hacks

Relaxation Hacks That Work as Well as Meditation

Anxiety and stress are now considered a natural part of our daily life. We tend to get stressed out over every single inconvenience we face. It is hard to figure out whether this stress is caused due to people’s ignorance towards mental health or the current scenario we are stuck in. The Pandemic has proven to be a very traumatic experience for the entire world. Moreover, the negative influence it has on our mental health has been disastrous. It has left us all alone, as the rules of social distancing indicate that one does not interact with anyone and maintains a distance of 6 feet from everyone else. We are forced to stay inside the vicinity of our own homes for the safety of everyone else. This situation has altered how we saw and lived everyday life. Read more about Relaxation Hacks That Work as Well as Meditation

best survival movies

10 best survival movies that will take your breath away

You can be sure that these 10 best survival movies will leave you breathless, and that in no case will we gut the ending, so that you are surprised and enjoy the wild fight of the characters as if you were one of them.

They are films that show in complete detail personal or collective processes absolutely out of the ordinary: extreme situations from which they manage to get afloat… although not in all cases they achieve the expected victory, total survival. Read more about 10 best survival movies that will take your breath away


7 signs that your body needs carbohydrates

Despite the fact that many current diets demonize and advocate their elimination, carbohydrates are very necessary nutrients for our body. Here are a series of symptoms that indicate that you need it.

Carbohydrates or carbohydrates are substances that provide you with a large part of your daily energy and that, even if you are trying to lose weight, play sports or whatever your personal circumstances are, you should not suddenly eliminate or reduce your diet, much less without consulting with the opinion of a professional. Carbohydrates are, in fact, necessary and essential for good health. Read more about 7 signs that your body needs carbohydrates

benefits of chess

7 incredible benefits of chess for your health

Chess is a delicate mental sport whose development takes a lifetime. These are some advantages of practicing it for your mind and body.

Chess is not a game of chance, but a rational and strategic game whose roots go back hundreds of years – a predecessor game was played in northern India as a game for four, known as chaturanga (in Sanskrit) in Persia and that expanded and developed after the Islamic expansions. Read more about 7 incredible benefits of chess for your health

improve coexistence at home

5 steps to improve coexistence at home

Even if you love your family members or the people you live with, confinement can lead to problems with living together. How do we face them if we cannot leave the house?

It seems that we still face many days of confinement in our homes. And now that we have to live in our homes for more days without the possibility of going out other than to make the purchase, many people ask for advice to quarantine in the best possible way and to manage well the stress and anxiety that this extraordinary situation gives them. is provoking. Read more about 5 steps to improve coexistence at home

physical activity

How much physical activity to do

Physical activity is one of the fundamental aspects of a healthy lifestyle, alongside proper nutrition. We can all benefit from it and obtain significant health benefits; however it is important that at any age, the movement is programmed intelligently and commensurate with your general state of health. In fact, we cannot improvise athletes but instead we can choose the physical activity that best suits our age, weight and interests, with the help of the doctor and a personal trainer. Young people will certainly be able to try more vigorous activities while with advancing age, based on their training, you will have to have more precautions. In case of pathologies, the attention must be greater and the doctor must always be consulted before starting. Read more about How much physical activity to do