Western Wall Color Ideas

Country Western Wall Color Ideas For Cowboys & Cowgirls

When covering your Western / Cowboy Theme Room walls carefully think about what you really want.

And how you want your whole Western Theme Room to come together.

The Cowboy / Western Accessories you’re decorating with should be seen. Because of this, a “Light Western’ wall color would work better than a darker color. You don’t want to hide your western decorations on a dark wall.

So create a Fresh and Fun Western Wall Color. To do this think outside the box.

One idea would be to take your wall color idea from a photograph you took while out west. Don’t worry if you can’t think of an idea right this moment. You’ll come up with more than one great idea after looking through all the possibilities and doing a little brainstorming.


Western Wallpaper designs and borders will give you what you want in your Theme Room. A Total Western Look & Feel!

You can choose from a wide selection of wallpaper designs. Some with horses, others with cowboy accessories and much more. Or maybe just an old rustic brown colored wallpaper border would be best for your room. With just a border you won’t take away from your pictures & posters.

Painting And Western Color Selections

Western Color Selections

Having a Two-Toned Western Wall Color Scheme in your game room is always best. With that said, a single rustic “theme” color is not a bad idea but two-toned theme rooms have a little extra something.

Don’t limit yourself when coming up with the perfect western theme room color. Yes you can go with the rustic orange and browns, which would look very western. But if you dig a little deeper into the whole cowboy life you will come up with some great ideas.

For example, a dusk color with a setting sun. Or maybe a rising sun theme color, which would be a little lighter. The out on the range/stars in the night sky idea will definitely give you some interesting colors to work with. Keep an open mind and try different western colors.

Be a little adventurous. Go to the paint store and grab some paint color templates. Take them into your soon to be cowboy theme room and decide which two would work perfectly together. If you can’t decide then ask friends and family, always get second and third opinions before painting.

For the two-toned look make the top 12-24 inches one color and the rest a different color.

Having a two toned cowboy theme room can really be something that sets your game room apart from all others.

Cowboy/Western Wall Color Combinations

Western Wall Color

Remember out west there is a variety of earth tone colors. You’ll mostly see shades of brown in our examples below. A light shade of brown mixed with either a dusk or dawn color and you’ve got yourself a great Cowboy Theme Room color foundation!

Next, add some rustic lighting and it’ll make your friends feel like they’re in the old west out on the range. Or in an old western tavern playing pool.

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