Six types of truck insurance

There are many types of insurance available for trucks. The first step is to assess what kind of insurance you need, and then look at what is available that will most closely match your needs.

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Insuring the vehicle

If you want to drive a truck or lorry that weighs more than 7.5 tonnes on a public thoroughfare, you need HGV Insurance. If you intend to move goods belonging to someone else, you will need a form of haulage insurance. If you are a builder and need to move your own goods and equipment, you will need to take out Carriage of Own Goods Insurance. There is also Social Domestic and Pleasure Insurance. These types of insurance are generally similar to other forms of insurance. They are comprehensive and cover situations such as third party, and third-party fire and theft. For more on how the costs of vehicle insurance are changing, see this report from The Guardian.

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Other types of insurance to think about

If you are transporting items for someone else, it is worth protecting them with Goods In Transit Insurance. It is also necessary to have liability insurance to cover you in the event of an accident. This can be divided into employer liability and public liability, which will cover any employees or members of the public who may be affected in a mishap.

If you are using a vehicle on public roads, you must have adequate insurance. If you think you may need HGV insurance, check out a reputable website such as, where you can source some competitive deals and look for tips and advice.

When you buy vehicle insurance, paying for it annually is generally a good idea as this tends to be the cheaper option in the long run. If you employ drivers, it is better to look for those with clean licences as premiums for them should be lower. Installing anti-theft devices in your vehicles could be a sensible investment as not only will they deter thieves, but the presence of these devices could result in lower premiums.

If you are insuring a lot of vehicles, a fleet policy could prove to be an extremely cost-effective option. You should always use a specialist in truck insurance for your policies to get the right coverage.

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