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Wall Decor Ideas: That Will Make Your Room A Hit!

From wall hangings to wall paintings, wall decor ideas don’t have to be boring! They can be FUN & EXCITING! And there’s no better place to have Fun Wall Decor Ideas than in your home game room.

Below you’ll find some fun ideas to keep your walls looking fun and fresh. These ideas are especially fun for home game rooms or rec rooms where you’ll have family get-togethers or weekend parties.

Instant Photo Wall

An Instant Photo Wall is basically one space in your room and in this case a wall in your home game room where you display photos of family, friends, and visitors. An Instant Photo Wall is one of my favorite Wall Decor Ideas. This idea not only keeps the fun memories alive in your game room it also looks great!

To start your wall, buy a decent instant camera and keep it handy in your room. Then during your next party or get-together when everyone is having fun, take an instant photo of each person there. If possible have them sign the photo on the bottom or write a remark. The key here is to take a photo of each different individual that visits your home game room. You’re basically making a photo journal on your wall of visitors through the years. Keep reading Interior Wall Painting Ideas: Add Vivid Colors, Amazing Murals

After you have all those fun photos all you need to do is frame a portion of a wall in your room where you can stick the photos. Whether you make a grand design or just place them here and there within the frame won’t matter, it’s the fun personalization that it will add to your room that counts. And don’t make it a little frame use a whole portion of the wall, like five feet wide by three feet tall. Trust me it’ll fill itself up in no time!

You’ll be amazed at all the different people who have had great memorable times at your home. And every time they come back to visit be assured they’ll go straight to your photo wall to look at the photo of themselves and of everyone else who has visited since.

Bumper Sticker Wall

Another of my favorite Wall Decor Ideas is the Bumper Sticker Wall. Basically the same concept as the instant photo wall above, you take an area of your room and use it for Bumper Stickers.

Whether you get stickers from all the places you visit or catchy stickers or even local store stickers the wall is always fun to look at. As you get more and more stickers you can start overlapping them and although it may look a little messy at times people will love that wall and reading all the fun sayings.

This is a very fun wall decor idea and it will be a hit for years to come. My parents had an area like this in their basement game room when I was growing up. And every time someone found a funny saying on a sticker they would buy it and give it to my parents to put up. Some stickers on that wall were there for 30 years!

Sliding Doors

This may be a rather strange idea as wall decor ideas go but if implemented correctly it can be a very Imaginative & Fun idea!

When you think of a sliding door you probably think of a door that leads out to a backyard or deck. Well, the point here of a sliding door in your game room is to actually slide and to also have a fun and useful element behind it. Now, this can’t be a sliding door that is glass, basically, you want a wooden sliding door. The type of door that works perfectly for this wall decor idea is a Japanese Shoji sliding paper door.

What you do is put the door on your wall with the tracks so it can slide. It’ll look as if you have a door leading to another room which is neat. But when you slide the door open you’ll have your wall with either a chalkboard to keep scores for your game room games or depending on where you place the door you could have a big screen TV hiding behind it and one of my favorite ideas is to have a mural of a street behind it so it looks as if you’re opening the door to an alleyway.

This isn’t one of the most popular Wall Decor Ideas but it’s a fun wall decoration idea. Anyone of the ideas above work great in just about any room in your home. You can scale them down to fit the room but in a home game room, larger is always better. Soon we’ll add more Fun Wall Decor Ideas and if you have one you’d like to share please use our contact page to email us the idea and we’ll add it to this page.

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