Irish Dance

 Irish Dance in time of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has taken a toll on all of us. The losses are heartbreaking, the feeling of isolation is overwhelming. Depression rates are soaring, stress and anxiety are more commonplace than ever. During these difficult times, it’s important not to lose one’s spirits, no matter how hard that might be. Now, more than ever, we must hold on to our sense of identity and do the things that make us feel happy and fulfilled. Read more about  Irish Dance in time of Coronavirus

dream job

5 Simple Tips to Create Your Dream Job

We’re all looking for some sense of success and happiness in the world. One way to find that is through one’s work. Income earning work takes up a large percentage of the waking hours of most people in this country. Why not make that work amazing, satisfying, and of benefit to other humans? It’s great to have work that’s so satisfying I feel like it would be just as fair for me to pay my clients as for them to pay me. Read more about 5 Simple Tips to Create Your Dream Job