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Advantages of customized web design

Should we buy a WordPress template, or on a customized web design? In what way can we reach our potential clients with more success?

Although WordPress is often used to create a website, the truth is that it is always convenient for the design to be as customized web design as possible.

We will explain some of the advantages of creating your own original design for your website.

Ways to create a website for your business

Advantages of customized web design

You can create a web in many ways:

  • Completely from scratch, without using any CMS.
  • Using WordPress or any other CMS, and customizing the design from a free or premium template.
  • Create a WordPress design from scratch and use this CMS as a web management system.

The first option is the most expensive: the second is the cheapest, although it depends on how much we invest in buying our web template. The third option is a hybrid, where instead of buying a template, an ad hoc design is made, using HTML 5 and CSS 3 to achieve the result we want and our website is absolutely unique. Read more 5 ways to create an online store

What are the advantages of creating a customized web design for your website?

Advantages of customized web design

The advantages of making a personalized website from WordPress are many. For example:

  • Originality: you ensure that the design of your page will be original, exclusive and absolutely consistent with your wishes, without having to adjust to established designs.
  • Exclusivity: the design will be your own for your brand and you can work with it, or create new websites from that sheet of CSS styles on other pages.
  • Independence: being your original and exclusive website, you will distinguish yourself from your competition and your brand will benefit because users can recognize a standard customized web design that has not been customized.
  • Integration: suppose you want to integrate your blog with your website, you will no longer need to manage both from different administration panels, but do so and control everything from your access to the WordPress back-end.
  • Less costs: it is much easier and less expensive to design a WordPress than to create a web completely from scratch, programming in PHP and using the MySQL database language. By taking advantage of free WordPress software, the entire programming part is already done.
  • Speed and structure: when you create a custom design, you can make sure to create it by adapting it to the characteristics you want. For example, you may want to create a design that has a good structure, or that loads very quickly, which is not always easy to find in WordPress templates.
  • You do not need so many plugins: if you use WordPress to create your site, it is much better to optimize the code so that this is how you want it than having to be integrating and adding plugins, which in the end slows down the web.

Do I need a custom WordPress customized web design?

Advantages of customized web design

Yes and no; It depends on what kind of project it is. You may not need WordPress because what you are looking for is a custom design for which this content management system is not the most appropriate option. Or you may want to save costs and in this case what you need is to create a custom design from a template.

However, creating a customized web design in WordPress may be the best option for you if:

SEO worries you: you do not have any WordPress design, much less a free template, to be able to optimize internal aspects related to the quality of the programming code or the loading speed of the design.

You worry about the quality of the design: in fact, many templates will not give you the quality of the design, nor the degree of customization that you can achieve if you design the page directly from scratch, being able to also access libraries and use tools that you will not find easily.

Your brand is important to you: because when you use a little-personalized design, people notice it, and this speaks badly of the quality of your brand and your design. Whether you choose a premium template or develop the design from scratch, it is important that the final look or finish is original.

Design your website in an original and exclusive way

Advantages of customized web design

If you are looking for high-quality WordPress designs, contact our web development services. We will help you to create the web you are looking for so that you can achieve positive results and your website really obeys your objectives.

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