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5 common mistakes of social media marketing in small businesses

Focusing your social media marketing strategy solely on social networks or trying to cover all the existing websites are some of the most common mistakes in the online management of small companies.

Social networks can be a great ally for small business owners. Cheap and instant, they present a series of advantages and benefits that can help the social media marketing strategy for any company. However, these types of websites must be managed attentively and responsibly to avoid any type of error.

Any wrong publication can lead to the failure of a firm, arouse the anger of the public and end the sales and popularity of a company in moments.

The states the 5 most common mistakes of social media marketing in small businesses

  1. Make social networks your priority

social media marketing strategy

Although they are a good way to publicize your company, social networks should not be the only tool of your social media marketing strategy. This type of webs can grow very slowly, becoming a waste of time. In addition, only 5% to 10% of your tweets or status updates should be self-promotional, so you will need another type of advertising platform.

  1. Only make publications that promote your business

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Even if you have created the account for advertising purposes, do not limit yourself to making self-referential posts. Try to provide useful information and consolidate as a reliable source within the sector. Motivate your followers to participate through questions and do not speak ill of your competition. Read more Optimizing Small Business Houses with Prudent Managerial Attributes

  1. Have an account on each existing network

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Business leadership will not allow you to invest large amounts of time or money in the administration of social networks. Concentrate on one or two of the most important websites and manage your profile in a timely manner. If you create accounts on each network and then neglect them, you will generate a bad image in the eyes of your clients.

  1. Consider yourself equal or better than the big brands

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Be aware of the tools you have at your disposal and contemplate them taking into account your possibilities. If you want to do contests, do not promise prizes that you cannot afford; although what you can offer is not the most attractive, be genuine and creative.

  1. Maintaining an account on a social network is free

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Although Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest do not ask you to disburse money to create an account, time is money in the business world. When your company grows, maybe you even have to hire someone specialized to carry it out.

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