Yoga for better surfer

8 good reasons why Yoga will make you a better surfer

Yoga is a millennial technique beneficial for health that consists of something more than stretching, making rare postures and touching the tips of your feet.

Here are 8 good reasons why a good yoga style can improve your surfing and also your life!

1. Doing Yoga helps you relax and reduces tension in the muscles

Yoga for relax

Who wants accumulated tension in their body? Doing yoga helps your body to be more relaxed and make it move more smoothly and more easily. Less tension in your muscles means a better and longer recovery time. A longer recovery time means more and better time in the water.

2. Yoga increases the strength in the core area and improves the flexibility of the whole body

Yoga increases strength

Increasing the strength of the core zone and flexibility leads to a better balance, more strength, and more power. Without strength in the core zone, performance drops and injuries appear. Doing yoga will help you strengthen the main muscle groups and stabilizing muscles. This means more control of the body in the water and less injury or discomfort.

3. Yoga helps to improve endurance

Yoga improve endurance

Better resistance means more time in the water, less pain, and less discomfort. Resistance also means more agility and more ability to control your movements in the waves. Read more Get Your Body Fitness in 5 Easy Ways

4. Yoga helps center the mind

Yoga helps mind

Training your mind is like training your body, this means that it takes time and perseverance. You have to learn to focus your mind and be in the present moment, take this technique to the water, this way you can catch bigger waves, make better maneuvers, in short, surf better.

5. Yoga will help you sleep

Yoga help sleep

Sleeping and resting well mean having more energy in the water and better recovery of the muscles. It also helps us relax the nervous system and have less stress. All these things will make you surf better.

6. Yoga helps you breathe better and more efficiently

Yoga helps breathe

Good breathing strengthens the heart and lungs, trains the diaphragm, increases circulation and cleanses the body, and minimizes the accumulation of lactic acid. A good inspiration of oxygen and a good expiration of carbon dioxide will also help you to maximize the performance of your body. Good breathing will not only help you stimulate your parasympathetic system to calm your body and mind, it will also help you lower blood pressure and control your pulse.

7. Yoga helps to detoxify the internal organs and regulate the metabolism

Yoga helps detoxify

The stretching, twisting, and compression of the internal organs by yoga stretches, combined with the correct breaths, facilitate the elimination of toxins faster in the body.The elimination of toxins leads to a good metabolism and when the metabolism works properly, the body weight is adequate. The better you feel, the more energy you have in the water. The more time you spend in the water, the better surfer you will be.

8. Doing Yoga will help you to be better surfing and to master more your surfboard

Yoga help surfing

Start doing yoga and train continuously and you will see how your surf and your life change for the better.

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