Feng Shui kitchen 6 keys for your kitchen to follow the steps

The kitchen is one of the most active rooms in any house. Either because of its nature as a workspace or because of its character, which is increasingly valued, as a meeting point, we are talking about a room that has to be functional and attractive. There are many criteria that you can apply to your decoration but, in general, a balanced and inspiring space is the best combination to achieve your goals.

In this trends of ideas, we propose a review of half a dozen keys to designing a kitchen according to Feng Shui, a philosophy aimed at composing spaces capable of promoting positive energy that, undoubtedly, will give balance to your kitchen.

You add up? Take note!

1. A well-lit space for Feng Shui kitchen

Feng Shui

Lighting is a key factor when it comes to making positive energy flow and, consequently, one of the keys to designing a kitchen according to Feng Shui has to do with the lighting criteria that you include in the decoration. Natural light becomes the protagonist in a space that does not have to dispense with the points of artificial lighting. Placing lamps on ceilings, walls and even under the upper furniture will help you to provide your kitchen with an appropriate luminosity.

The choice of light colors does not hurt either and is that, in addition to promoting the brightness of the room, they will transmit purity to the whole that, on the other hand, you have to try to keep always orderly.

2. The distribution of the elements of Feng Shui kitchen

Feng Shui

Another of the fundamental aspects when designing a kitchen according to Feng Shui is the distribution of the elements. The organization of furniture and accessories is key within this ancestral philosophy based on elements such as water and fire. Under the protection of your mantras, you must keep in mind that the hob or gas cooker and the oven should not be located near the refrigerator, the washing machine or the dishwasher since only this way you will eliminate the energy conflicts.

It is also recommended that you avoid locating the heat source of the room on the same side as the access door to it.

3. The plants, a classic in Feng Shui kitchen

Feng Shui

Surely you’ve heard about the decorative potential of plants in any room of the house. According to Feng Shui, its presence is synonymous with the absorption of negative energy from the environment and, consequently, it does not hurt to incorporate them into the design of the kitchen.

So much so that one of the recommendations you can put into practice is to place fruits in a bowl on the refrigerator or aromatic in small pots arranged in shelves on the wall, a decorative resource that will not only give color and joy to the whole but also to the owners

4. Order and cleaning for Feng Shui kitchen

Feng Shui

Considering its functional nature, any self-respecting kitchen must be clean and orderly. However, these recommendations go beyond mere logic to become another of the keys to designing a kitchen according to Feng Shui.

Practicing detachment is a classic of this current that advocates favoring the flow of energies. Eliminate countertops and cabinets elements that involve a discordant note, in order to achieve balance and harmony, is essential if you want to get a space designed at the dawn of these mantras.

5. Transparent accessories in Feng Shui kitchen

Feng Shui

Applying the maxims of Feng Shui to the design of your kitchen will not only allow you to create a positive atmosphere in terms of energy but also, you can add decorative touches of the most attractive. When it comes to organizing your legumes, condiments or pasta, opt for transparent containers and accessories. The glass jars that allow us to visualize these foods are not only decorative but also convey a certain sense of abundance that, according to this philosophy, is perceived as a symbol of prosperity. Read more Renovation Ideas to Help Increase your Home’s Value

6. The shopping list

Feng Shui

If before we made reference to the interesting contribution that transparent jars can make to a kitchen designed according to Feng Shui, in terms of abundance and prosperity, it is also worth mentioning the refrigerator and the cabinets.

Ideally, they should not be too empty but you have to be careful to fill them with food that is spoiled soon and end up being stored outdated or in poor condition. Keeping them in bad conditions goes against what Feng Shui promulgates so, maybe the time has come for a general cleanup to avoid stagnant energy.

Cheer up and follow these tips.

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