bridal hairstyles trends

Bridal hairstyles collected, 10 tips for 2018

Are you looking and do not find that hairstyle with which you feel comfortable? It is a challenge to look for collected bridal hairstyles and find the best professional. Romantic style, for example, never goes out of style. It goes well with pastel shades and can wear curls and braids. There are also simple collected bridal hairstyles with which you will be favored and different.

If your style is modern you may not like the typical pick-ups or bridal bows. Here we show you some tips to make a low pickup. We think you can like it. Bridal hairstyles collected are part of the style that is most used.

Give more tension or looseness to the hair with the hairstyles collected will depend on the wedding dress and makeup that will be worn on the day of the wedding. Both play a fundamental role when it comes to achieving the perfect styling.

10 Tips for hairstyles collected for brides:

1) Trends in bridal hairstyles collected

bridal hairstyles trends

The secret to being perfect is to look naturally a romantic hairstyle with braids or flowers. To avoid mistakes, we use a lot of hair lightly collected with flowers, down or pigtail, simulating disheveled or with waves. The collected hair can be with a line to the middle or to the side. Loose wavy strands bring a casual style to the hairstyle. Keep reading vanessa hudgens short hair

2) Combine the dress with the hairstyle collected

bridal hairstyles trends

To combine with a simple dress to wear a more elaborate hairstyle. When the dress is more worked, it is best to wear a simple and more natural hairstyle. The wreaths of flowers can give a sensual touch to the hair accompanying the neckline.

The choice of a good comb for your wedding day is very important. One of the elements that play a role in the choice is the style you want to give, the type of dress and accessories you wear.

You should choose your wedding hairstyle playing with the look of your hair and the neckline of the wedding dress. If the neckline of the dress is the heart, boat or strap style will be better hair with hairstyles collected. With another type of neckline, the loose mane is better. When your wedding day approaches it is best to try the hairstyle first to make sure it will look good. Read more Wedding decoration photos and trends 2018

You should see that Bride’s dress neckline would combine better with your hairstyle before deciding the hairstyle.

3) Consider the time of day of your wedding

bridal hairstyles trends

If the wedding is at night, you should look elegant with your hair collected and with an appropriate headdress. If your wedding is daytime, what is used is the most informal and natural hair. Loose hair or hairstyles with braids are perfect.Each hairstyle adapts to one season or another and to the protocol of the event. Keep reading mother of the bride hairstyles.

4) Hairstyle according to the face and personality

bridal hairstyles trends

The bridal hairstyle is the outline of our face. That’s why we should pay a lot of attention when choosing it. Women are flirtatious and we look at every detail that contributes to our personality. Look for the bridal hairstyle that you like the most considering your style.

If you are more classical to put a tulle on your hairstyle and if you are more exotic we recommend you hire a stylist who encourages extravagant hairstyles. A romantic collected hairstyle is advisable for brides who have more marked features and dreamy brides.

The low bows can be very nice for informal style brides. They fall to one side or the other of the head. Extensions can be used to give volume to the hairstyle collected.

There is a collected for each face. Longer faces can opt for hairstyles with waves and lots of volumes. The fringe is an ally to shorten the face. There are high romantic collected hairstyles that favor those with wider cheekbones.

We look for the easy, simple but also with glamor. Many times we are inspired by celebrities and catwalks.

5) Accessories for hair and headdress

bridal hairstyles trends

At what time add a complementary product for hair? Be accessories, appliques, flowers, veils or hairpins. It is possible to dance with our guests without dropping the ball. Discover what is the best accessory. We give you an important tip, do not buy the hoops and pendant before choosing your bridal hairstyle. You may buy some earrings that later do not fit.

Brides with long collars are encouraged to wear accessories in their hairstyles that hang or long earrings that give movement.

The applique most used in weddings is the headdress that can be veiled or not. Your hairstyle also depends on the type of veil you wear on the wedding day, which may be short or long. If you will add a crown or flowers to hold the veil.

Most headwear workshops are made by artisans passionate about their work and art.

6) Tips for more classic brides

bridal hairstyles trends

If you are a classic bride and want to show off a romantic and ethereal style, hairstyles with tulle and veil are the most traditional but you could add glamor with accessories. There are high gathered bridal hairstyles that are sophisticated and that look elaborate and elegant too. If you are looking for something casual classic you could use a low impeller with a dropped tulle.

7) Bridal hairstyles according to blondes and mochas

bridal hairstyles trends

To avoid mistakes with a bridal hairstyle it is important to take into account different factors: long, short hair and hair type. It is most common to find curly, wavy or smooth hair. Find your ideal bridal hairstyle.

Manes with waves combed to one side for blonde brides can give a romantic style to your wedding day. The most traditional cuts can be renewed with a fashion accessory. With dark hair, it is advisable to add headdresses with light colors to highlight them while for blondes consider color accessories. For example red flowers that stand out.

8) Bridal hairstyles collected according to celebrities

bridal hairstyles trends

Valentino, Nina Ricci, Chloé and Vera Wang among others have created famous signatures that show hair hairs collected with bright crown accessories, bohemian braids and romantic bows that mix materials and textures. Elvio Casciano is an Argentine stylist who works for celebrities and suggests an informal and relaxed style with loose hair.

9) Bridal hairstyles collected short hair

bridal hairstyles trends

It can be smooth or curly complemented with ribbons or crown. A strand of hair on the face can provide a look with a lot of sweetness.

10) Bridal hairstyles collected long hair

bridal hairstyles trends

For those who like more of the traditional style and give texture and movement when walking, with fall of the veil that can be short or with a tail. For those who have long straight hair, we suggest a braid cooked around the face and letting the rest of the hair fall. Also, make a pigtail high as another option.

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