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What are Some Recent Technological Innovations Built into Smart Homes?

Indeed, smart homes are taking over the real estate market. People love the convenience, usefulness, and amazing outlook that you find in smart homes. But, for a minute, let us try to look past the overall layout of smart homes and look at the building blocks. Therefore, the question you need to ask yourself is, what makes these homes smart? Well, the best answer is technological innovations (appliances and equipment). Many innovations have been made and fitted into smart homes to serve a wide range of purposes.

Here we will look at some of the recent technological innovations built into smart homes.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Smart Home Surveillance System)

Surveillance System

Surveillance is a vital factor in your smart home, as you need to know what is happening in your house at all times. That is why many smart home developers are integrating the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. The Ring Video is a smart doorbell that not only alerts you when somebody is at the door but allows you to see them so that you can decide whether to let them in or not.

This smart device comes with a sleek, stylish, and slender design with interchangeable plates. No matter what time of the day it is, you can count on this amazing innovation to deliver a sharp 1080p video. If you think that is it, then you are mistaking, this smart home gadget comes with Alexa Voice commands meaning you can give it instructions by talking.

Traeger Ironwood 650 (Smart Home Cooking Device)

Smart Home Cooking

Smart homes and automation go hand in hand and that is why recent innovators have come up with a device that can cook for you by itself. The gadget we are talking about here is the Traeger Ironwood 650. If you are into barbecues and roasting of meats, then this automatic grill should not miss in the list of smart home devices you like.

Let me tell you why? With this smart tool, you do not have to worry about uneven temperatures or flare-ups. This because with the Traeger Ironwood, you just set the meat and relax as the device cooks it. Furthermore, the device is Wi-Fi enables meaning you can control it from anywhere.

Classic flame Electric Fireplace insert

Electric Fireplace

When talking about 33 inch electric fireplace inserts, you cannot skip past the Classic flame electric fireplace insert. This fireplace is one of the best recent technological innovations in the heating category. This home automation device comes with five flame effects, five different flame speeds, and gives you the control to adjust its brightness to five different stages. The Classic flame is a smart technology gadget that produces 5200 BTUs per hour. With such power, the device can warm up a medium-sized room properly, leaving no area untouched.

The device is fitted with a digital thermostat that automatically regulates the room temperature. That is not where the automation comes to an end. Classic Flame is fitted with an auto shut down timer that turns the device off after nine hours of operation. In a smart home with this device, you will enjoy fantastic temperate regulation. At the same time, save electricity due to the auto shut down feature.


There has been a growing rise in demand for smart homes across the world due to the heavy use of technology devices. The greatest thing about these devices is that innovators keep coming up with new ones, so that means smart homes will keep on improving. Recently there has been a release of technology innovations that have been fitted in smart homes. One of these devices is the Classic flame electric fireplace insert. With such a device, you can make several adjustments to the brightness, flame speed, and effects. The devices automatically regulate the temperature of any room and shut down after operating for nine hours. The Ring Bell Video Doorbell Pro is another recent technological innovation that was fitted into smart homes. The smart bell can alert you that you have someone at the door and still show you who it is.

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