make a room cosy

How to make a room cosy

What makes a room feel cosy? There’s no hard and fast rule, and it will depend on your taste. Some will feel cosy enveloped in deep, warm colours, while others will feel relaxed in soothing shades of blues or greys. Maybe it’s not the colour at all but the textures of the soft furnishings that give that cosy feel.make a room cosy

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Layout, fixtures and fittings

If you’re lucky enough to have a focal point such as a fireplace, make the most of it by positioning your furniture around it, but if not then arrange your room so that sofas and chairs are facing one another for a more intimate atmosphere. Read more How to Choose the Right Space for Your Conference

Consider the 80/20 rule

Whichever colour scheme you choose, remember to use the colour to accentuate, rather than dominate. Tips from Apartment Therapy will help you with how to use stronger colours with contrasting neutrals. A red feature wall will instantly warm a room, for example, and combined with white flooring and accessories it will provide a great visual contrast.

make a room cosy

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But wait – white is a cold colour, right?

Not necessarily. The grains and colours present in white laminate flooring styles can give it more of a neutral tone, as the examples from show. Whichever stronger colours you have chosen for your colour scheme will bring out the warmer tones in the flooring through the use of cushions, rugs or wall colour.

Most importantly, remember that cosy is what you feel most comfortable in, so have fun redesigning your room.

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