Groom’s Guide: 5 Tips to Look Best on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are beautiful events that commemorate the love of two people. Although the bride-to-be is given the limelight on this big day, grooms should remember that the day is equally important to them. Moreover, you should not be the kind of man who makes an appearance that disappoints the love of your life.

Truth is, men, take ample time to choose their outfit, and in ensuring that they look their best version in the D-day. Moreover, it is quite hectic when every family member projects their opinions about what to put on. However, grooms ought to remember that this day only comes once in their lifetime, and thus, the need to get it right in every way.

Grooms Guide

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The good news is that you can make the day memorable with these 5 Groom’s Guide tips.

1. Start buying clothes early

The best way to have a great wedding is starting on the plans, 90 days prior to the event. This is especially true when it comes to buying your outfit. There are two main reasons why early planning is needed in every groom’s life.

First, it saves one on the money. In most instances, grooms who rush to the tailor’s shop in the last weeks end up paying more. This is because their orders have to be given more priority than the rest, and payment of overtime costs. Moreover, mistakes occur due to quick tailoring.

Secondly, it will make one avoid stress. At weddings, there are myriads of stress that come with planning. However, never let the choosing and purchasing of your outfit be one of them.

2. Practice wearing the clothes you will wear on your wedding day

A lot of us have the mentality that every outfit worn on the wedding day should be new and straight from the shop. However, we forget that that might be a new kind of outfit for our bodies. For this matter, one ought to wear it prior and walk around in the house. If you do not mind, you should put it on for a day in the office.

The same case also applies to your shoes; put them on to avoid sore and uncomfortable feet on your wedding day.

3. Communicate with the bride on the wedding clothing preparations

Your woman is an integral part of you and should be included in every plan of your life. However, just because she is not your wife yet should never be an excuse for excluding her in choosing the dressing. Although your input is quite vital, ensure that you listen to what she has to say in regards to the same.

Moreover, ensure that you have communicated with your groomsmen on what they are expected to put on. Choose right from their clothing to their accessory. However, communicate the same with the bride-to-be. This is because she might have a better idea than yourself!

4. Decide on your wedding’s dress code

If you plan on inviting your friends, then it would be advisable to have a theme for your event. Ensure that your guests are aware of the expected outfit.

In addition to that, let them know of the environment that they will be in; for example, a church or on the beach. This is because these environments offer extreme choices of dress codes, which should be included in the invitation cards.

5. Be the best looking man on your day

We can all accept that some men have better features than ourselves. Normally, these men will be present on our wedding day. Although we can never change our looks as they are God-given, we can work a little on ourselves to create a better package.

Besides dressing sharp on your wedding, ensure that you work on your face and hair as well. In case you have never tried it before, go for a manicure and face care. You ought to remember that your wedding photos will last forever, thus needful to look sharp in all aspects.

When making plans for the wedding, every groom ought to take care of certain things. Prior preparations ensure that one gets their dream wedding without much stress. If you are still stressed on how to groom your beard and facial hairs in general, visit for more tips.


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