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9 ideas to take advantage of the space of a small kitchen

To get the most out of a small kitchen, it is essential to know how to take advantage of all the spaces, as well as keep order to avoid wasting the one we have.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. It has always been the place where the family gathers and where the great dishes are prepared that will later be served. It is also the meeting place where problems are told and where family members are fed.

Many of us have not been able to choose the kitchen we want since we bought an apartment and the kitchen has the dimensions it has. It may be more or less large, but the important thing is that we are comfortable with it.

If your kitchen is small, we want to tell you some tips that you can carry out to make it more practical and effective. Do not forget that success will reside in the order of the kitchen and how it is distributed.

When she is little, the important thing is to learn to manage and make good use of space to solve, above all, storage problems. On the other hand, we have to ensure that the feeling that this small kitchen gives us is spacious and find the best options to help keep everything in order.

Tips and tricks to take advantage of the space of a small kitchen

1. Sliding door

One option is to change the door of our kitchen for sliding because this way it will not occupy space when opening it and it will not hit anything.

2. Use the wallssmall kitchen

We don’t realize it but we can use the heights of the walls to organize our things in different storage modules.

So that the kitchen does not look crowded, put on a single free wall. Add furniture to store dishes, dishes or to use it as a pantry. Try to make the glass doors to make the image cleaner.

3. Make custom furniture

small kitchen

It is true that they are more expensive because making custom furniture means that it has to be made to order. However, if our kitchen is very small, it could be a good investment.

The shelves can be at the heights we want. In addition, we can have additional shelves and find the material that suits us best for our kitchen.

4. Do not waste spacesmall kitchen

We have to take advantage of every corner, and each small space is very valuable if our kitchen is small. Therefore, we advise you to look for drawers that reach the floor.

They may not be the most comfortable furniture, but try to store objects that you do not have to use often but do need in your kitchen work, such as a placemat or aluminum foil.

5. Don’t use handles

We may never consider it, but the handles can take away some important spaces. There are several types of handles that are more or less large: instead, look for small ones and ones that don’t bulge.

6. Order in the kitchen

If your kitchen is already small in itself and is messy on top , the feeling will be much worse. If we have things in the middle we will not have space and the visual effect will be dense.

For this reason, try to keep your kitchen in good order so that you can work better in it and because it will make it appear larger and broader.

7. Glossy surfaces

We could say that shiny and satin surfaces can help us create the feeling of having a bigger kitchen. These help to reflect light , so both polished or metallic finishes can be your best ally for your small kitchen.

Not all glitters are created equal. One of the best options is to look for a brightness similar to that of the mirror since when you get the reflection it will appear larger.

8. Natural lightsmall kitchen

A small but well-lit kitchen is an advantage compared to a small, poorly lit kitchen. Take advantage of natural light, but don’t neglect artificial lighting either.

9. Cover electrical appliances

You can try hiding appliances like a dishwasher or washing machines. There are sheets of wood that camouflage with the rest of the countertop and makes the kitchen much more uniform. It may be an extra expense but the effect is very good.

As you can see, these are some of the options that we offer you so that you get more spaciousness in your small kitchen. There are a thousand very ingenious options that we can carry out in our house, from hiding spices inside cabinets to hooking pots and pans on the wall.

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