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Four simple ideas to decorate the house

In the process of decorate the house, you can be accompanied by a professional who as an interior designer advises you on the realization of an interior design project that responds to the diagnosis of needs prepared previously. But you can also enjoy as the protagonist of the process of contributing your own ideas to that space that is part of your life. What aspects should be taken into account in this objective of decorating? Here we give you these four ideas to define the details to decorate the house.

Security in the decoration of the house

This concept is essential when it comes to dressing the house to start a new stage in the home. Safety is directly linked to well-being. A concept that not only defines an article that in itself complies with this guarantee, but also the correct process for placing that item.

When choosing the entrance door to the house that leads to the hall, for example, you cannot only look at the design, but also the protection that this main entrance brings to the interior of the space.

Travel back in time to find inspiration

Time can inspire you to decorate not only through the visualization of those proposals that mark the present or by innovating the trends that describe the future, but the past is a space of time that also adds beauty to the home. The antique furniture also have the added value of the emotional factor when they are inherited from a beloved family member.

In this case, the preservation of this integrated piece of furniture in a new context adds a sentimental meaning to this interior design decision. The furniture has its own story, a story that adds personality to the site plan itself.

Decorate the house with love

When you take care of the details of your house, you are also dedicating space to yourself. When you visualize how you would like this place to be, you project moments of illusion in the daily routine of living together at home. There is a valuable ingredient in decoration: love.

For example, enjoy the experience of shaping this space. Perhaps you envision this project as a long-term action plan. Not only is the result of previous planning valuable, but also the time lived around this purpose. Take care of this space by observing in this dedication a routine that is directly linked to you. You are the protagonist of this interior space.

Decorative profiles for the house

Not only do you create a setting in each area of your home through the choice of furniture, the color combination, the textiles and the distribution of the different elements in the place: the walls and ceiling of a property can enhance its visual perfection through details that transform these surfaces. In this way, decorative profiles become a true creative art.

There are different concepts that are grouped in this type of theme, in addition to the moldings. But there are different kinds of details. For example, the cornices create a perfect continuity between the wall and the ceiling. On the contrary, the lower part of the wall is protected with the practical function of the baseboards that cover this area against the effect of possible knocks. In specialized catalogs you can also find profiles that due to their characteristics are multi-functional. Ideas that fulfill more than one function. An element that, in itself, synthesizes the essence of a cornice, a plinth and a molding.

Choose the type of detail that best suits the characteristics of the space. For example, in rooms with high ceilings you can perfectly highlight the beauty of decorative rosettes.

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