Selling your House

Selling your House? – How to Present your Home in the Best Way

Selling your house and moving to a new house is a big decision and can be a difficult and stressful time. If you have decided to sell your home if you present it in the best way possible it will sell much more quickly and at a better price. Have a look at homes online and see how, homes which look light, clean, and decluttered are much more appealing than homes full of clutter and with dark dingy or dirty rooms. You and other buyers will be more drawn to the home which is clean and tidy not the cluttered untidy home.

Here are a few ways that you can help your home look its best when it comes to selling up…

If you do have a lot of clutter, if possible, move it out completely. You could put it in a storage unit or if have a relative or friend that might be able to give you some space in a garage do that. Removing as much clutter as possible gives viewers the best impression of your home, as they aren’t distracted by everything else!

Selling your House

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Clean and tidy up – wash floors and dust all surfaces. Make sure there is no dust and cobwebs and clean bathrooms until they sparkle. Also, do not forget the garden, especially the front one as buyers will notice that when they first arrive!

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If you need to do any little jobs around the home do them – any minor repairs that need doing, get rid of any patterned carpets, freshen up the walls with a new coat of paint in a neutral colour – all this will make it more of a blank canvas for potential buyers, and it will be easier for them to envisage making their own mark on the property.

Accessorise subtly – Don’t have too many personal items around such as photographs and lots of ornaments, but do have some decoration such as lamps, fresh and neutral bedlinen and a table made up ready for dinner. Stick to light colours and not too many patterns. In the bathrooms, some new clean white towels always add a nice touch as well.

Once all of this is done your home is ready to be sold – contact an estate agent, such as Gloucester estate agents who will come and take photographs of your lovely well-presented home!

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