Start 2018 with these decoration trends for your home

New year, new decoration trends for your home, a little inspiration comes to us like a glove, right? So, you know: pay attention and start the year dressing your home with these interior decoration trends for 2018!

Do not forget that when making your housing budget you must include the expenses of the decoration trends and so build little by little the home of your dreams.

Start the year dressing your home with these interior decoration trends for 2018!

The Scandinavian is still fashionable but with a touch Mid-Century

decoration trends for your home

The Scandinavian has been with us for a long time and although it is still a trend, this new year is crowned by Mid-Century style decoration trends, which emerged in the mid-twentieth century.

This style, modernist and innovative, bases its principles on the use of high-quality materials, where wood, wrought iron, and glass merge in search of functionality. A commitment to classic simplicity and design that will never go out of style.

Furniture and decoration elements that emerged from the 50s of the last century will be objects to be taken into account in interior decoration trends during 2018. You must remember the name of designers of that period, such as Baughman, Finn Juhl or Hans Wegner

Although the price of many of these pieces of design is not for all budgets, there are more economical current options inspired by those original creations

More green more natural

decoration trends for your home

What plants have come to stay? Of course yes! Plants in all rooms, of all sizes and all natural. The vegetation is not only necessary in the decoration trends for your home, they also build life and maybe the first trick to return your ecological home

Brick in sight, stone and wood will also be a trend when designing a space. The natural elements chosen according to their durability are still the best option for the interior decoration trends of a house to last over time. Read more Renovation Ideas to Help Increase your Home’s Value

The colors earth, green and lavender knock at your door

decoration trends for your home

Both the decoration trends magazines and the most avant-garde blogs for some months have been indicating that the earthy colors, warm and red, will replace the soberness of minimalism that had been standing out in recent times.

Walls in terracotta color, home textiles in reddish tones and decorative objects in bronze will begin to have a presence in our homes.

But also the greens, like the emerald, or the dark ones of the woods and bushes, which, combined with a soft color like lavender, offer us peace and rest in our house.

Say goodbye to minimalist gray and pink millennial stick and embrace nature!

Velvet, golden objects, and more marble: useful in decoration trends for your home

decoration trends for your home

To achieve the elegance of the Mid-Century style, the most suitable materials in textiles are velvets. Cushions in garnet or velvet green. Chairs or armchairs upholstered with this textile … Of course, without abuse. Just like a small brushstroke in the entire room will be perfect in your apartment.

The gold will take more prominence. In taps and bathroom fixtures, drawer pulls and decorative accessories, such as boxes to store our jewelry or mirror frames.

Marble will remain the one chosen for the kitchens of 2018, and following the line of trend colors, darker shades will be included, such as green or brown.

Sculptural lamps and abstract geometric shapes

decoration trends for your home

Both for the art that we are going to hang on the walls and for the prints of the textiles of the house, the geometric shapes gain space.

Lighting is very important. They will start to have protagonism lamps that not only illuminate but are works of art. Making a significant outlay on a designer lamp with sculptural forms will be a profitable investment for the future of your home.

The shape of the furniture, both tables, and sofas, will be more elegant and enveloping, with a curved appearance and brilliant finishes typical of the Mid-Century.

So you know, start the new year, first find your ideal new home and then use these decoration trends for your home, dare to generate the change that you and your family need for a prosperous 2018!

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