Royal Births. What now for the Royal family

With the birth of the third child to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge I feel a set of mixed emotions. Any birth is precious and on this child there is no real pressure as there is his oldest brother George the man who will be king. He maybe the last King I see in my lifetime though as William is younger than me I doubt I shall see his reign out. At this rate though his mother may out live us all. I can remember the birth of William, it was all on the news. We had only recently got a colour television and had needed the services of a TV Aerial Installation Swansea area team to fix it in. In fact, I’d use them again, there at

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It was very different when early royals were born. William came with a fanfare. The Country was gripped in the tight mesh of a Conservative majority after the Falklands and the rhetoric of Thatcher’s Tories. Therefore, an heir to the throne seemed about right. The Country was rigidly set that the Royals were good for the country, this was before the divorcees and the infidelity of its members and the hypocrisy that they are the Tory government embodied. We were told to be erstwhile and upright but they could all do as they please.

It was ever thus. The joyous fanfare of a royal birth was announced with great joy and happiness. When Elizabeth was born it was seen as an affirmation although at the time her father was not due to be king. His supposedly Nazi leaning brother Edward the eighth was King until his abdication. The young princess it would seem would lead us to a new era of prosperity, all royal babies are, as we were due to become the new Elizabethans in a Benjamin Britton sound tracked glorious future. Tell that to the Miners in the South Wales Coalfields or the Govan Shipyard workers or the Army of housewife’s expect to coo and ah.

There is little change. William was and still is seen as the savoir of the Windsor line. His father it is mooted, who has waited and is still waiting for decades for his Mother to relinquish the reins of power, should step aside for this handsome young king and his beautiful commoner wife and children. William has served with distinction in action and with the Coastguard, he has held down “real” jobs and been heavily involved in Charity work, a legacy of his mother Diana’s influence. To prove this recently on a documentary about mental health someone asked him how he felt after his mother died, he was very young. The Prince looked uncomfortable then he answered, truthfully and clearly, with none of the usual fudge, how it had affected him and his brother. It was a very positive thing and shows that maybe they can adapt.

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