The Butler did it, obviously.

Want to spruce up that dinner party? Looking to make a theme evening but can’t think of one to go with? The Murder mystery party or even weekend is for you! What am I going on about? Its relay quite simple. There are packs available that can give you a complete evening where at one of you is technically dead or at least your going to have to pretend that one of you is dead. You don’t need a stately home or a set of Chandeliers UK to set the tone, though you could get some from  to really set the theme.

To be honest you don’t need to have it in a big house and no one is going to get killed. What it does mean is that rather than getting out that battered old Cluedo board and waste a few hours trying to make sure it was Colonel Mustard with a lead pipe (and where he managed to get that from is a mystery in itself) in the Kitchen you can do this in far more interactive manner. Essentially, it’s a grand version of murder in the dark but let me explain how it works.

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First off, the you can by packs to help you so you don’t have to figure it all out yourself. One that I’ve been part of was based on an Austin Powers nineteen sixties mystery. This allowed everyone to come in outlandish sixties wear that saw the local charity shops received a big spike in income that week for their flared trousers and anything tie dyed. You send out invitees with the characters that they are going to be beforehand allowing the guests to find the costume that they will need. It does rather help if you know a bunch of extraverts for this. I was playing a criminal underlord meaning that I got to wear a cheap suit and talk like Phil Mitchell all night. The key being you stay in character. You don’t know who the murder is as this is on the invites that you’re not supposed to look at. The trick is that you lay red herrings for the other players, so they think it’s you. Only the player that has done the murder can lie though otherwise it won’t work.

The theme can be Roman, which is a thin disguise for a toga party, a roaring nineteen twenty’s upper class shindig, allowing for the girls to dress like flappers and the guys to go “I say old chap” and “I’m very worried about the gold standard” without actually needing to know what it is. At the end to the night the CD in the pack will reveal who the murder is and if anyone gets it right then the person who did it ahs to get the first round in at the pub over the road. Happy Detective work.

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