Renovate your old kitchen worktops into new ones

Renovate your old kitchen worktops into new ones

If you kitchen worktops getting damaged due to regular use? Are you looking for some solution to renovate the existing worktops into new ones? Use laminate sheets to make the surface smoother and scratch resistant. Laminate sheets are thin sheets that are used to protect the surface from getting damaged.

How to laminate the surface?Renovate your old kitchen worktops into new ones

Few tips have been provided to you so that you can laminate the surface as per your requirement. These tips are as follows:-

  • At first you need to clean up the surface fully. For that you can use sander to clean it off.
  • Measure each section of the worktops carefully. This measurement is required so that you can cut the sheet as per the measurement.
  • Paint the back side of the sheet with cement and place over the surface. While placing the sheet makes sure it covers the edges. Ones it is done leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Once all the sheets are placed used roller to press it properly. Laminate roller can be use for pressing the sheet over the surface. This procedure is required so that the sheets get stuck on the surface carefully.

Thus your worktops get laminated and protected from further damages.

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