Ford Focus Brake Components Explained

For many drivers, “how to know when you need new brakes” is a common question, and a good one to ask. If you allow wear and tear to get too bad, you put yourself and your passengers in danger. You can also damage brake components by waiting too long, resulting in a more expensive job—and nobody wants that. You can keep an eye on your brakes through several effective methods:

  • Pay attention to the age of the brakes—a brake job is usually needed every 30,000 to 50,000 miles
  • Let your mechanic keep an eye on your brake wear and tear
  • Listen for sounds like squeaking when you brake
  • Feel for reduced breaking power or a squishy feeling

A typical brake job usually involves replacing the following components: brake pads, worn hardware components, and brake shoes. The process also includes resurfacing the rotors and drums, bleeding the brake lines and inspecting the system for leaks or other signs of wear. Replacement of wheel cylinders and calipers may be needed less frequently. A great way to make sure you have everything you need for a brake job for your Ford Focus is to buy a brake kit that includes all the hardware.

More Brake Information

While “how to know when you need new brakes” is a fundamental question, there’s more to learn about brake systems in your vehicle. One interesting tidbit is that most brake systems come with a warning system or sensors to get your attention that your brake pads are wearing out. When you hear this it’s time to prepare for a brake job. Also interesting is the fact that brakes will squeal and make noise for various reasons. If your vehicle has sat for several days, a thin layer of rust accumulates on the brakes, making a noise the first few times you apply the brakes. This should disappear after just a few stops.  Also, it’s smart to look around your car once in awhile for leaking fluids. This is an easy way to spot a problem. Leaking brake fluid will leave a puddle that is similar to clean motor oil. Also, check the brake fluid level under the hood now and then to make sure nothing is amiss.

More Regular Maintenance

It is important to take care of your car on a regular basis. There are many simple ways you can reduce costs, keep safe and improve performance. Sometimes, one simple error like forgetting to check your motor oil can have expensive ramifications. Buying quality Ford Focus oil filters is a good way to make sure your car stays in excellent condition. New oil filters keep the oil free of impurities and protect your engine from unnecessary hardship and wear. They are vehicle specific so make sure you get the right part for your make, model, engine and year. For just a few dollars you protect some of the most vital parts of your engine. You should change your filter every time you change your oil.

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