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Perfect, high and firm breast: the best exercises to firm the breasts

A problem that afflicts many women, especially in an era in which it is increasingly important to appear between selfies, gossip and covers, is that of the breasts too small or not quite tall, firm and tonic. Beyond the anatomical shape – which is entirely personal – we can try to correct the shape of the breast through specific firming exercises that help us to give a new profile to our body.

The problem of sagging breasts is a constant that accompanies the life of a woman and that can occur, for example, after breastfeeding, after pregnancy or when losing weight following a very strict diet. The breast is mostly composed of fat and supported by the pectoral muscles: and it is precisely these last that we will have to go to train every day to have a perfect, high and firm breasts.

How to firm up your breasts: tips for having a perfect, high and firm breast

Having a high, firm and perfect breast is not an “impossible mission”, it is not a mirage but a goal within everyone’s reach. What you will have to do is follow some simple advice and have a lot of goodwill by abandoning laziness and bad habits. First of all, always wear the bra, as the breast is subject to gravity and, if not supported by appropriate supports, will not be able to stand alone and will tend to fall down. You will have to choose the right bra model to wear: it should be comfortable, the right size, so neither too small nor too big. The bra, in particular, must provide the right comfort to accompany you in your daily movements. It is preferable not to wear a bra all day but is essential when practicing physical activity.

firm breast

It is very important, then, to follow a regular lifestyle, to be in constant physical activity and to keep your diet under control. Specifically, we recommend eating lots of fruit and vegetables, foods rich in omega 3 and drinking lots of water. Adopt a balanced diet at the table, it will certainly also help the breast: with a regular diet, in fact, you will avoid that continuous changes in weight can determine the loss of tonicity of the breast. Vice versa, with an unregulated diet, not at all balanced and characterized by sudden changes in body weight, will the breast tend to sag and the annoying and unsightly stretch marks may also arise.

Absolutely to avoid even smoking and alcohol, real enemies for our skin.

At least once a week, then, gently massage the breasts in the shower, taking care to alternate between hot water and cold water. It is equally important to assume a correct posture of the torso and back, both when walking and when sitting: a straight back and wide shoulder represents the perfect posture and ideal for the wellbeing of the breast. Finally, remember that among the most suitable sports to have a perfect, toned and firm breast is swimming, dance, Pilates, and fitness. Read more 7 things you should do when you are sad and depressed.

Perfect breast: the exercises to firm the breasts

firm breast

A perfect, tonic and firm breast pass especially for a correct and constant physical activity. Here is a series of exercises to be repeated at least three days a week and also practiced at home to firm the breasts and make it perfect.

  • Flexions: they are real folds on the arms that tend to work and stimulate the breasts. We recommend making at least 2 sets of 15 exercises;
  • Sitting on the ground, legs crossed and back very straight with open shoulders. Once the indicated position is taken, we join the palms of the hands in front of the breasts and then push very hard. We recommend repeating the exercise at least 5 times;
  • Stand up, spread your legs apart and with your arms wide open, keep two bottles full of water, one liter each. The exercise consists in the opening and closing the arms in a continuous movement, bringing them in front and trying to widen them as much as possible. With this exercise, both the arms and the breasts are working. We recommend making 2 sets of 20 exercises.
  • Another very useful exercise consists of a real variation of the classic push-ups. The exercise consists of standing in front of the wall and performing bending by putting pressure on the arms. We recommend making 2 sets of 20 exercises;
  • Lie down on the floor and keep a liter bottle of water in each hand. Bend the knees, taking care to make the sole of the feet adhere perfectly to the floor. Once in position, open the arms and then close them upwards, then open them again. Replay of the exercise in 2 series of 15;
  • Stand up and tighten a liter bottle of water in each hand. In the initial position, the arms that hold the bottles must be relaxed in front of the thighs. The exercise consists of raising the arms, alternating them towards the chest. The exercise must be carried out always keeping the back straight and the shoulders well open. We recommend repeating the exercise in 2 series of 15;
  • Place yourself in the typical position for the push-ups, raise one arm upwards, lengthening it as if to touch the ceiling. We repeat the exercise in 2 series of 10;
  • Sit on the floor with your legs crossed, keep your back straight and proceed to bend your right arm forward, with your fist facing your face. With the left hand, push the biceps outwards, while at the same time, with the right arm we force contrary. Exercise to be repeated in 2 series of 10;
  • Standing upright, open your arms, bend your elbows and try to push your arms backward, as if you wanted to touch your elbows. Repeat in 2 sets of 10;
  • Another useful exercise to have a perfect, firm and healthy breast is to squeeze a ball very hard in your hands and stretch out with your torso forward. Repeat in 3 sets of 15 exercises;
  • Standing with your back straight, cross your hands behind your head and push your elbows backward, repeating the exercise in 2 sets of 10.

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