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How to handle multiple locations with local search

The importance of local SEO to businesses across a variety of industries and sectors continues to increase because it allows for the successful targeting of potential customers who are actively seeking to make a purchase.

Single-location businesses shouldn’t have any issues optimising for local search, however, multi-location businesses can struggle with boosting visibility across several different premises.

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Individual location pages are imperative for local search

Although it might be tempting to incorporate everything into one landing page, this isn’t good for your SEO.

Instead, each business location should have its own unique and fully optimised page. You might find it helpful to engage the services of a professional web development company in London, such as the one that can be found here https://www.redsnapper.net, to assist with this process.

Each location page should, as a minimum, include accurate contact details, information about the team working there, and other location-specific content that your audience will find relevant and useful. This information should be fully optimised and include location relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags. Read more How An Seo Resellers Benefits From Article Marketing

Once this setup is complete, aim to submit your sitemap as quickly as possible to ensure that Google’s crawlers efficiently discover and index these updates.

Optimisation of your Google My Business Listings

Now is the time to sign up for an account with Google My Business as, from here, you will have the opportunity to create and manage individual listings for each business location.

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After completing the verification process for each location it is essential to accurately list important information such as your opening hours, add photographs to personalise your listing, and provide easy access to news and updates. Your business name should remain consistent across your listings and you should select the appropriate business category to ensure your business performs well within relevant search engine results pages.

Managing your location-specific online presence

Managing the reviews you receive on each location page is crucial because Google will display these in search results. If you fail to encourage positive reviews or appropriately respond to negative reviews, it’s likely that many of your potential customers will simply take their business elsewhere.

Although multiple locations local SEO requires an initial implementation of time investment and regular maintenance, your efforts will help ensure that your business presents itself as trustworthy and eager to help local searchers locate the information they require.

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