7 things you should do when you are sad and depressed

There are times when happiness is overshadowed by the sadness caused by certain events or things in life.

Surely, at some point in your life, you have cried and felt much pain more often than you would like, especially when that sadness is causing you some problem that you are going through.

It is impossible not to be sad at least once in your life, but sadness has its time and it is time to stop being your main emotion every minute.

Several years ago, my mom had a car accident, one of those where the doctors and the entire emergency team tell you when they arrive that a little more and possibly have died there.

That was the worst day of my life, and as you can imagine, the great sadness I felt and the tears I shed were many because I thought I was going to lose one of the most important people for me.

But it is normal to feel sad in that kind of situation because they are crucial moments of your life where there is some important truth that is at stake.

As well as in situations or tragedies that I do not wish to you or anyone who lives throughout their years, many times you can also feel sad for more trivial things from day to day.

For example, every time you fail or do not do very well on an exam.

That you cannot reach an event that you wanted so much to attend.

When you cannot talk to the person you’re in love with or in love with…

Although it is common to feel some sadness when something that does not go as planned or simply does not occur, you must begin to move your sadness and replace it with a great feeling as it is to be happy.

It is not simple, but with the passage of time I have been able to change that pain, sadness and disappointment that takes over me when something bad happens, and I have been able to improve my days and smile more and more.

So that you stop submerging yourself in that constant rain of negative thoughts that you have internally, here I want to show you what to do when you are sad.

These are tips that have helped me a lot in my darkest moments, and that will also help you to return the joy you so much desire to your life.

What to do to combat sadness?

The first thing you must do to combat sadness is to start smiling more. There is nothing like a good laugh to ward off bad thoughts and give more color to your life.

Scientifically, when you laugh you release the substance known as endorphin that helps you to have a sense of well-being, which is summed up in being happier and without so many worries.

Eradicate the sadness of your life as I said before in other words, it is impossible.

If you intend to stop being sad, it is practical as if you were proposing to stop feeling something. It is a single feeling but in the end, it makes us all human.

Feeling sad is not bad, in the end, it reminds you that sometimes you can afford to be a bit weak and in turn, the opportunity to get up stronger next time.

combat sadness

The problem arises when you decide to drown in sadness.

So in addition to smiling, to combat it, you must also change some aspects of your life, such as your diet. I bet you did not know that there are certain herbs that its aroma helps you to relax your senses and the nervous system.

You may have added several of them to your favorite foods or had a tea while you were looking for another effect from them.

For example, I love using basil to cook pasta or some sauce. However, its aroma helps you to relax and from experience, I know that it is excellent at it.

When you are sad even though you are depressed, there is also some degree of alteration. So when you relax you will be contributing to decreasing them.

On the other hand, sandalwood, rosemary, and plants such as cypress and spruce, as well as citrus odors, have the same influence on your nervous system.

One of the most common mistakes you should not make when you are sad is to reflect it on your clothes and clothes that you use.

I consider myself a happy and affectionate person that despite what has happened throughout my life, I try not to feel sad most of the time and always have a smile.

But when I feel sad, I usually express it a lot in the clothes I choose for that specific day. I love black, but when I was sad there was no part of my body that did not lack that color.

Although it may sound a bit absurd, over time I realized that being dressed that way while I was sad, it made me feel like I was absorbing even more negative energy and sadness in the process.

So try to use colors a little more cheerful. Probably not a red or yellow, but avoid so many dark colors so you can fight your sadness.

To deal with sadness, always keep in mind 3 objectives besides smiling: concentrate on the good things, be positive all the time and free your mind.

A negative attitude will not make you happy and will only bring you more grief.

Clear your mind of everything that worries you makes you feel decayed and substitutes each one of those thoughts for a happy one that makes you feel that beyond that darkness and tears that dim your eyes, there is a sun that is brighter than never.

What to do when you feel lonely

You must investigate and accept the reasons why you feel alone, but in particular, start to stop and change factors such as your friends, close relationships and a little yourself.

At some point, loneliness should be your best company or your worst enemy, but the truth is that it is impossible to not catch you in their networks at least once in your life.

Feeling alone brings with it a sea of emotions and repercussions that affect your life in all possible aspects.

Some of us enjoy solitude and although you may have heard someone say that they prefer to be alone than accompanied, it is proven that we all have a certain fear of being alone.

feel lonely

If you ask me, I would divide the solitude into two parts, by choice, and without choice.

I currently live with my older brother and although I come from a house where we were more than 8 people, sometimes I find myself a bit odious and I want to be alone.

For example, when I read a book or try to write. This would be for me, loneliness by choice since I want my time alone because I chose it not because it is something inevitable.

If I go to loneliness without choice, it is because that feeling of loneliness is inevitable, you do not choose to be alone, and you are only stuck in it without warning.

The latter is why most people spend daily. Loneliness makes you feel sad.

Although many people and possibly you relate it to the lack of someone at your side, the truth is that you could be surrounded by people and still continues to feel alone.

More than just a company, we look for someone to tell, spend together but above all, we can talk to them about our feelings and laugh every time we are together.

So loneliness does not define it as not having anyone by your side, but as not having someone worthwhile accompanying.

When we are in high school or at the stage of our adolescence, it is very difficult to find someone and even more, several people that make you move away from the feeling of loneliness you have constantly.

But, what is the reason why you feel lonely?

The main reason for your loneliness is the external factors, those that are in the environment and around you that make you enter that state and that by letting them take the reins, they make you a favorite to be alone for the rest of your life.

To be able to leave solitude aside and start taking the reins of that side of your life, begin by accepting the problem, how you feel but do not believe that it is permanent.

Everything has a solution, but if you insist on sinking into the river instead of working on solving it, it will seem eternal.

After that, it begins to put more effort into having more union and closeness with the people you really want to keep close in your life. Those that are worth it.

Normally, we include our family nothing more, but friends of years and even, those you met a few days ago but you are sure in that period of time that you want them close, are the ones that will really help you out of it.

Since loneliness results in sadness, one of the steps you must take is to focus all your attention on positive thoughts and stop thinking that you are alone.

Also, before you can enjoy being with someone else and the real company that they offer you, you must learn to feel comfortable with yourself, to be happy being alone from time to time.

It can be ironic, but to feel alone is a state of mind and a belief that is often wrong.

You can have fun and feel full when you are alone when you manage to do it that is when you will really begin to enjoy the company of others.

In other aspects, solitude by choice and without choice (as I said earlier that I called them in my opinion) can be seen together but with a determining factor.

Sometimes choose to be alone, feel loneliness but not as an enjoyment, but as something, you do not realize at the time.

Getting away from people or being closed are actions that lead you to be alone.

Therefore, begin to mix with new groups, to change that personality that drags you every day more than solitude is installed in your life and works more on you, in feeling good with who you are and in knowing how to enjoy the minutes or hours that You can dedicate yourself to being alone.

Leave the comfort zone that only keeps you withdrawn to new ways to combat loneliness.

How to be happy when you are depressed

The best trick to rejoice when you are depressed is to clear your mind of the negative thoughts that guide you to think again and again about the reasons for your depression and start your way to feel happy.

Depression is not something that lasts 5 or 10 minutes, it can go from lasting hours or days to your whole life if you do not commit to leaving it.

Being depressed has no age. When I was 12 years old, I began to go through the moments that today; I still consider the most difficult of my life.

I was young but the only thing that age at that moment prevented me was to recognize my depression and be able to start working on the reasons why I was depressed.

Although many reasons were accumulated, such as the arguments with my parents, several serious errors that I made along the way and the fact that my older brother went away to study, I felt depressed because of problems that differed enough from the situation in the which was.


I was like this longer than I should have allowed, about 3 years to be more precise, and the truth is that every day it was more difficult to even get out of my bed to do an activity as basic as brushing my teeth.

Society often judges depressed people, often with the intention of hurting them, as well as others of simply judging or not knowing that their comments and opinions are much more hurtful than they think and only worsen the situation of people like you.

When you are depressed, every day is a battle, a new challenge and a huge mountain that you see more impressive with the passing of the seconds.

But the problem, the main goal that is in front of you when you open your eyes and that is more difficult with the time to reach, is to feel happy and smile again.

So every morning I’m sure you should ask yourself,” How can I be happy if I’m depressed? “,” How can I get out of this state? ”

Finding reasons to laugh while depressed is even more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.

There are several things you can do, like listening to music. It is always a good idea to distract your mind with a tune that makes you feel much more encouraged.

Avoid melancholic songs that reflect your mood, only make it worse with every second of reproduction.

If you have a pet, surely you get to feel comforted and manage to get a smile every time you start playing with you.

If on the other hand, you do not have it, you should consider having that dog that you have always wanted and that can help you get out of depression.

Looking for a mantra, focusing on what really matters and always looking for the positive or funny side of any negative comments from other people, is sure to make you happy when you feel depressed.

Joy and happiness are things that you should seek with great fervor, rejoicing when you are in depression depends on the effort you put into it.

In addition to all of the above, look for activities that make you feel at peace with yourself, that when you make them enter into wellness and eventually, a smile will appear on your face.

Personally, to be happy when I’m depressed, I love sharing with others or going to eat my favorite ice cream on my own.

Find small pieces of joy in the simple things in life and try to focus on them.

The truth is that the best solution to rejoice when you are depressed is to live positively and focus on what is really worthwhile and makes you laugh. 

7 tips to be happy and recover your joy

  1. Change your habits

More than once you should have heard that there is nothing like a good restful nap to feel better and is that, who does not feel incredible after having slept 8 hours or more?

Despite knowing it, surely you are someone who loves to sleep late doing anything on the computer or cell phone, or just hanging out with friends.

I am a lover of enjoying the night hours, I love to sleep late but logically, that made me wake up at hours not so suitable.

Every time I did the same process, in the morning when I had to get up, I used to feel not so full of energy and the exhaustion was much more noticeable.

Therefore, what I want to achieve with changing your habits, starting from sleeping better to what you eat, is that although it seems that it does not, it has a lot to do if you are happy or not.

proper health and well-being

Junk food causes you discomfort at a certain point, being very sedentary is a bad habit and then there is the issue of sleeping too little or not at appropriate times.

Changing your habits for better ones implies that you will have more well-being and you will feel much better physically and to feel better physically, so will your mind.

It will be much simpler to be happy if you start by giving the proper health and well-being to your body to go out in search of that happiness. Read more Do brain training exercises really works

  1. Do not have deep thoughts

In the early hours of the day or when you are about to go to sleep, you get those deep and existential thoughts where you practically ask yourself “Who am I?” Waiting for a cosmic response that describes your whole being.

If the first thing you do when you wake up or go to sleep is to think deeply about what your mind can reach, in that moment, you will only be stressing yourself with questions that in themselves, do not need an answer and much less to that hour.

Therefore, move and forget those questions and focus on the basics.

Inevitably there are times when you want to think about something serious and deep in your life but make it a habit every time you start a day you are diverted from being happy.

deep thoughts

These questions represent concern and make you think of unnecessary things, so focusing on being and doing what makes you happy are hindered by these thoughts.

Instead of going deep, think and ask yourself things like, “What will I have lunch today?” “Should I wear a black or white shirt?”

Start with the basic things, never with those that require much more of you to answer or find the solution.

Once you stop having so many deep thoughts when you should not, you will begin to open your way to happiness and enjoy more of simple things, not worry and jump for questions that normally only make your day to day difficult.

  1. Acts opposite to how you feel

Although it may seem that I am telling you something like “do not be yourself,” it has nothing to do with not being one.

Earlier when we talked about depression, I told you to stay negative and externally express how you feel like in your clothes; it only makes the situation you are in worse.

Therefore, if you want to be happy, do not wear that bad aura everywhere for the rest of your day.

When you act joyfully or as opposed to how you feel, changing it logically for something positive, eventually the body and your mind notice the change and begin to go through a process where you begin to believe that you are happy.

In my case, when I’m angry, I used to have an unfriendly face for the rest of the day but above all, I took my anger with other people.

When I began to notice where I was failing, I decided to change that attitude and start acting in a more controlled and opposed to my feelings.

how you feel

I do not tell you to take off flowers from you just by breathing, but you do separate your bad feelings a bit like sadness and anger, from the way you express yourself and show others.

For my part, I began to be even more kind when I felt angry, I help others and with the passing of the hours, I feel much better and more relaxed since, if you do not close in the loop to focus on the sadness, you can start to feel happy.

So you have this small change and you will see that it will go much better in your days and you will be much happier.

3. Live the moment

Most of us insist on thinking about what we will do the next day and after that and after that again, just as we live thinking about the repercussions of the past.

Most likely, you forget that you cannot change the past let alone control the future, what happened already happened and what has to happen will happen regardless of what you do.

So instead of causing you constant stress thinking about both, enjoy more the day you are living in this moment and everything you can and must do it.

Although it is good to think from time to time in the commitments you have in the coming days, obligations and duties, plan an exit or a meeting; believe me when I tell you that the best things happen in spontaneous moments.

Likewise, it is not a matter of leaving everything to the fate of the day to day, but do not focus your efforts on wanting to have everything well organized and planned.

Live the moment

It is not leaving it to chance but letting it flow as it should.

The best moments that I have had in my life have been without any planning, without thinking days or months before that I should or wanted to do it.

The best so far has been a trip that while walking with my family in a mall; someone came up with the idea of going to visit relatives who live 5 hours from where we were.

Without a doubt, it was the most spontaneous and incredible thing that could happen since I lived very good things because of that.

It is not necessary to have a plan to have fun and be happy.

  1. Do something different every day

The routine is one of the factors that slowly killing the happiness you have.

Having to do the same thing daily, giving up other activities that you would like just to fulfill your repetitive days, is one of the main reasons why being happy is getting farther and farther away from you.

Sometimes or almost all the time, you are extremely busy and focused on what you should do but not on what you want, without realizing you fall into the routine of work, studies or just stay at home.

When I started college a couple of years ago, my life was extremely routine and at one point I began to feel down and unhappy.

every day

I could be studying for what I like but when I could not recreate myself or was the same day, my body and mind shouted new activities.

It was impossible for me to smile all the time when all I felt was weariness for another day.

So I decided to change my schedules a bit and try to do something different every day and also, I would like it and would like to do it.

From basic things like go for a coffee, read a new book, stay at home playing the new video game of the week or see the new chapter of my favorite anime. Until going out with friends or going to meetings.

I started to give it a change no matter how small it was to my days and since then, I feel much better about myself and inevitably, happy.

So I want you to try the same, you will feel much better to distract your mind and instead of staying in the gray of the routine, start by giving that touch of color to your days and you will see that in no time, your life will be much more colorful.

  1. Be more sociable

Loneliness leads to sadness and even anger, and although I told you that it is possible to feel good being alone, just for many having friends or people to share are part of being happy.

If you think you want to have more friends with whom to go out, talk about anything and listen to you but above all, if you think that it will bring you much of your happiness, then start looking for them.

You cannot wait as long as people approach you, if you are someone who is interested in creating new ties, be the first to approach.

So, start working on your social skills.


Nor do I mean by this that you become a friend or close to every person you meet along the way.

To implement this advice, always keep something in mind: quality is better than quantity.

So it will not help if you have thousands of friends but there is none of you when you need them, which will make you feel the opposite of happy.

People who are for you like you to them, who want to share with you, who are a good example but above all, are a reflection of happiness and always show their joy, are why you should aim to keep by your side.

I did not choose my brother to be just that, my brother, but I did choose to be one of my best friends.

The same goes for my closest family.

I do not have many friends, but I know that my family will be there for me, as well as a handful of friends that make me feel happy every time I am with them.

  1. Love yourself as you are

All the insecurities and defects that you feel and have usually consumed you and get you out of the way to be happy.

Just as you focus too much on the past and future, you pay too much attention to the negative things about you and what you often consider a flaw when it is not even so.

No one is perfect and at the same time, we are. Because having imperfections makes us perfect and unique in our own way.

What I want to get, is that you waste time and thoughts where you could find reasons to be happy and moments that would bring a lot of happiness to your life.


The best advice I could give you is that you love yourself, love every part that makes you be you so that once you are happy with yourself, you can be happy with the rest of things.

Being happy is a state that depends on everything that surrounds you but especially who you are as a person and how you feel about your appearance, personality and accepts both your virtues and defects.

When you do not want yourself as you are, you will look for thousands of reasons in the rest of the things for which you do not feel comfortable with them.

Feeling good is a fundamental step to abandon the negativity, replace it with positivism and in this way, you can become happy.

What advice have you used to stop being sad and regain your joy? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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