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Cargo ship converted into luxury houseboat

If you hear talk of a luxury houseboat, even a luxury one, you probably think first about narrow boats. As charming as these boats are, they are often quite primitive in their facilities and tight on space; however, for one Dutch family, their luxury houseboat is quite different.

luxury houseboat

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The luxury houseboat ship

Called the De Novatie, this luxury houseboat was formerly a cargo ship and its large storage space has now been converted into a stylish and welcoming living space for a family. The ship was originally built in 1957 and spent many years transporting items between ports, sailing the open ocean. Find out must-have accessories from boat outfitters for an unforgettable boating experience.

The architect responsible for the conversion is the Dutch firm ANA. Its design was intended to produce a ‘house in a ship’ and has certainly delivered on this promise, with generous living space both inside and outdoors and several bedrooms.

Light luxury houseboat

Although much of the ship’s space is below deck, the architect has made the most of the available light by installing windows wherever possible. Double glazing will help to control the temperature inside the boat, no matter what the weather outside.

It is not only on board a ship that using double glazing can help with climate control. The different energy efficiency ratings for windows can be used to help keep rooms warm or cool all year round.

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ANA has used skylights to allow light into the lower rooms on the luxury houseboat. It has also included an outdoor recreational space on the deck. Built with the family in mind, even the control room has a generous amount of seating and could be used for social events in addition to keeping everyone together when the ship is in motion.

Seating spaces such as this come in place of a formal living room on the luxury houseboat. The architect has chosen to make the kitchen the focal point of the home. The style is minimalist and draws inspiration from loft-style and other types of accommodation in repurposed industrial locations.

The boat is even energy-efficient, with solar panels on the roof that are used to power the heating and warm the water for those on board.

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