pack your parcels effectively

How to pack your parcels effectively

Make life easier for your courier and learn how to pack your parcels like a pro with these handy tips:

  1. Choosing the Right Packaging

The best packaging to use is strong, good-quality packing material. Double-walled cardboard boxes are perfect, especially for larger parcels weighing in excess of 5kg. These boxes are less likely to come apart under pressure and are much sturdier to carry too. Try to avoid using plastic boxes as these can split in transit, especially if something heavy is placed on top of it. Don’t be tempted to use crisp boxes as these are not strong enough.

Did you know that you can also send things packed in a suitcase? If you do use a suitcase, make sure it’s strong and that all zips or wheels are taped up.

  1. Wrap It Up

Now you have your outer box sorted, it’s time to think about securing the item that’s inside. Packing materials like foam peanuts, bubble wrap and polystyrene are great for holding items in place to minimise any movement in transit. Most damage is caused to the contents of parcels due to excessive movement inside the box during transit. Don’t be tempted to use newspaper as it offers little protection.

pack your parcels effectively

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  1. Small Gaps Are OK

Just the right amount of internal packaging is important as damage to the box can also occur if you fill it fit to burst. If you wrap an item in bubble wrap, leave about an inch of space between the item and the box. This gap is important as it acts as a cushion, which is particularly important if your item is fragile or sensitive to vehicle movement. For especially fragile items, line the inside of the box with additional bubble wrap for extra peace of mind.

  1. Tape It Up

When you’ve got your box and contents sorted, now it’s time to seal it making sure all edges are fastened with strong packaging tape. Note that Sellotape is not ideal for sealing cardboard boxes. A vinyl or nylon tape offers much more strength and durability.

  1. Fragile

For items that are sensitive to breaking, make sure you attach a fragile sticker, so the courier knows it needs to be treated more delicately. For a Same day courier slough, visit Double boxing is highly recommended which means putting your bubble-wrapped item in a box which is placed inside another box. Be sure to fill the gap between boxes with bubble wrap or polystyrene or the process will be pointless.

pack your parcels effectively

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  1. Recycling

When using a box that’s been used before, remember to remove any old stickers and address labels from the outside of the box. This avoids the possibility of any confusion or delays on delivery.

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