How to be a poser on your wedding day

Not many of us feel comfortable posing for endless photos, unless we’re used to modelling! But that is what’s expected on your wedding day. After spending so much time, effort and money on planning the day of your dreams, how do you guarantee you get photos you want to hang up and admire for the rest of your life? Here are some great tips to follow if you want the best, most natural looking wedding photos:

Best Side

Nobody has a symmetrical face and you probably have one side that you think looks better than the other. If you’re not sure, check yourself out in the mirror or take some selfies. Practice different poses in different directions and choose which angle you prefer.

poser on your wedding day

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Use Contour

Everything looks better with a bit of shadow or contour as opposed to straight on. A little tilt of the chin can help to give your face a more chiselled look, especially important if you don’t have overly pronounced bone structure. A slight turn of the cheek to your best side is also a good idea.

Think Chin

If you want to slim down your features, tilt your chin down just a little. Don’t go overboard and create a double chin, just a subtle lowering. For those with large foreheads, angle your chin upwards a little to create more even balance. Whatever your face shape, push your face forward a small amount to make your figure appear slimmer. If it’s easier, ask your photographer to take shots from a subtle overhead position and you won’t need to remember these tricks! For a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, visit

Be Natural

When you’ve been smiling for what feels like hours, it can be hard to keep that smile from turning into a manic fixed. However, the key to great shots is to try to smile as naturally as possible and not too big.

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Speaking in Tongues

Did you know that if you push your tongue to the roof of your mouth, it naturally forces you to elongate your neck? This is a great trick for anyone concerned about a double chin. Just be sure to practice first so you don’t pull strange faces on the day!

Long Legs

Just because you’re wearing a long wedding dress, don’t forget to keep your legs poised. Keep one knee ever so slightly bent to avoid looking stiff or cross your ankles at the calf muscles to make your legs and hips appear longer and narrower.

Straight Up

If you know your posture isn’t up to finishing school standards, practice standing straight before the big day. A good posture will make a massive difference to how you look in your photos, making you look fitter, happier and more confident.


Don’t try too hard and remember to laugh, smile and relax. It’s important to have photos that capture the essence of the day and your unique personalities and not to look forced or too posed.

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