Gummi Bears

Remembering Gummi Bears

The 1980s saw an influx of children’s cartoons but one that has made a come back recently airing on Netflix is “Gummi Bears”, (and not the chewable sweet kind).

Gummi Bears originally aired in America from 1985-1991. It was the first time Walt Disney Animation Television had produced an animated show. Most people in their late 30s and early 40s remembering these bouncing bears and their special juice, along with the very catchy theme song written by Michael and Patty Silversher.

Gummi Bears

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The Gummi Bears were in effect a secret society, the one of its kind left. With their magic “gummiberry juice” (magic potion) that gives them super strength and incredible bouncing skills. Now if only Raspberry Natural Food flavouring like that found on  and other berry juices could do that nowadays.

The bears are viewed by the humans as merely stories in legends and fairy tales. Although Duke Sigmund Igthorn spends much of this time trying to defeat them and he very much knows they exist in the present. The reason for Igthorn interest is the that in Humans gummiberry juice can give super strength. A point he shows by chucking a massive boulder at Dunwin Castle instead of using the catapult he was intending.

Gummi Bears

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Each bear has a role in Gummi Glen, their home. This is a hollowed out Oak tree that contains their living rooms and bedrooms plus the library with the Great book of Gummi. This all they have left of their law and lore handed down by the ancient Gummi’s. They are only able to open the book when a young squire named Cavin comes into their lives. He has a medallion given to him by his Grandfather, that opens the great book of Gummi and allowing the bears to learn more about there past and gain access to magic spells. The story begins with the following Gummi bears.

  1. Zummi Gummi. Oldest and de facto leader of the bears. It is he who takes on studying the knowledge and magic from the great book of Gummi. Although in charge he will go with Gruffi and Grammi’s advice every time.
  2. Gruffi Gummi. Moody, yet practical and kind hearted deep down second in command. Or he likes to think so. He is the most level headed and cautious of the group.
  3. Grammi Gummi. In charge of organising the domestic duties and situation in Gummi Glen. Her most important role is that she knows how to make gummiberry juice.
  4. Tummii Gummi. Fat wastrel that seems to offer no other purpose than comic relief. However, he is exceptional brave and a true friend.
  5. Sunni Gummi. Oldest of the Gummi kids she is more interested on leaving and being independent of the others but still enjoys the Glens comforts and the community the others provide.
  6. Cubbi Gummi. The other kids Gummi. Determined to grow up fast and be a Knight. This young lad is head strong and reckless requiring Tummi and Gruffi to be constantly saving him.

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