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Why is moving home so stressful?

Moving to a new house is considered to be the third most stressful life event after death of a loved one and divorce. It’s not hard to see why the process is so stressful. Stress is usually experienced when one feels things are out of their control, and this can easily be applied to the huge upheaval and organisation involved in relocating. Most house moves are not completed just because people fancy a move and have tons of time to do it in. There are normally background reasons for the move and a deadline involved.

Here are some of the reasons why people need to move:

Family needs – Perhaps a happy occasion like a marriage, having children and expanding the family so more space is required. It could be a move needed to get into a popular school’s catchment area.

  • Divorce/Separation – When a marriage or relationship breaks down, one or both parties may need to find somewhere to live.
  • Bereavement – With the death of a spouse or parent, a family home might be too big to maintain and manage on your own, so downsizing is often an option.
  • Professional – A new job could require a relocation to another area which brings the stress of moving home and getting to know a new and unknown neighbourhood or city.

moving home

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Therefore, it is easy to see why, for some, moving home is considered extremely stressful. Here are some of the unexpected additional stress factors that can creep up on you during a move as well:

  • It’s imperative to find a trusted and reliable estate agent who can do a great deal to make the process as smooth and professional as possible. A reputable Bath Estate Agents like can help make the process as seamless as possible in your behalf.
  • If you’re hiring a removal company, make sure you’ve double-checked all booking details with them and give them a call the day before. The last thing you need is for them to show up late and disrupt your carefully planned moving timetable.
  • Try not to overpack boxes in an attempt to have less to carry. You’ll soon realise that the boxes are too heavy to lift, or split as you carry it – possibly damaging the contents

moving home so stressful

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  • It’s quite common to realise that not everything is in full working order in your new home. Perhaps a toilet won’t flush, the lightbulbs are all dead or an important socket doesn’t work. Have some local tradesmen numbers handy in case you need one in an emergency. Read more How to create a vintage-style bathroom
  • Remember that you’ll have no internet connection straightaway and if the 4G coverage isn’t great, you might not have access to important online information. Print off important information before you move.
  • Things can often get broken during a move. Unless it’s a priceless heirloom, try not to get too upset but put it down to the collateral damage of moving.
  • Remember to pack essential items in an easy to get to bag to avoid stressful situations. Things like the kettle, milk and teabags, medication and toilet roll for example.

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