vintage-style bathroom

How to create a vintage-style bathroom

Sometimes all the monotonal sterility that seems to feature so largely in contemporary bathrooms can seem lacking in personality. A vintage bathroom, on the other hand, can encompass lots of interesting and stylish touches, particularly as many shapes and designs from the past have acquired an enduring classic status.

vintage-style bathroom

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Go the extra mile with tiles

If you are on a budget or can only renovate your bathroom in stages, start with tiles as these have a huge influence on the ambience of your bathroom. Classic metro tiles with either a bevelled or flat edge, complemented with a grey grout, will immediately give any bathroom a timelessly elegant appearance that will never go out of date. A mirror with a vintage frame will also add a practical and stylish touch that will give the bathroom a more spacious feel. Continue reading Selling your House? – How to Present your Home in the Best Way

Boldly gold

Gold or copper fixtures have become a lot more popular in recent years as they not only look incredibly stylish, but they also add a vintage dimension to any bathroom. Thanks to their increasing popularity, there are plenty to choose from these days. A copper roll bath might seem like a bit of an extravagance, but it will add a lot of value in terms of vintage luxury. The trick is to mix and match and thus create a style that is all your own. That in itself is very vintage. For more inspiration on how to mix and match in the bathroom for a unique look, see this report in The Guardian.

vintage-style bathroom

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With a shower, you can merge style and convenience by installing lovely gold fixtures, and then make sure they are surrounded by lovely new glass that allows the new fixtures to make a maximum impact. If you think your bathroom could benefit from installing some 12mm shower glass panels, you might want to find out what industry experts such as have to offer.

In addition to bathroom fixtures and plumbing, there are other aspects of the bathroom that can contribute to a vintage feel. These could include quirky light fittings, the choice of colour for painted surfaces, and the use of shutters on the windows. Imagination is another key part of the vintage-style bathroom. Unusual combinations and juxtapositions will also create a bathroom that cannot be found anywhere else.

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