Making Sure that the Sewers run Smoothly and Preventing Fatbergs

The clean water that we have in our homes is not something that we tend to think about much. But As the cities in the UK grew larger, during the industrial revolution, disease caused by unsanitary water, and waste water being mixed in with drinking water was rife – so the sewerage system was built and continues to be the way that we ensure our water in the UK is safe to drink, as well as keeping the dirty water away from people and other water sources.

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We have all kinds of ways nowadays to ensure that our drainage system is working well – from surveys using state of the art equipment, to good drain lining like this , it all helps to keep the sewers working well and doing their job properly.

As the population increases, this puts more pressure on the sewers – but something that we can all do to reduce problems in our sewers is make sure that we are not putting the wrong things in our drains.

Fatbergs are a modern phenomenon and have caused lots of problems in cities all over the UK -they are caused by items going down the drains that shouldn’t be and they cost a lot of money, as well as taking up time and resources, to sort out.

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The main thing here is to ensure that the only thing that is going down your drain is wastewater and toilet paper. Nothing else should be entering the sewers – this includes sanitary products, oil and grease from cooking, as well as dental floss and nappies. All of these are things that have been found in the fatbergs of the UK.

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