Why the Oxford shirt is a men’s wardrobe staple

While there are still some very traditional Oxford shirts available in the marketplace, they normally come in two styles: the button-down collar for more casual wear and the traditional pointed collar for more formal wear. The men’s Oxford shirt is a must-have and is one of the most versatile pieces a man can have in his wardrobe. With such a variety of fabrics and colours, you can always find an Oxford shirt to suit your style. Easily dressed up or dressed down for a casual or formal look, the Oxford shirt is a true timeless classic.

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The Oxford shirt is so named because it describes a type of cloth first milled in the 19th century in Scotland – not Oxford! Consisting of a heavier cloth, often referred to as a basketweave, the main difference between a formal shirt and an Oxford shirt is the fabric.

The casual Oxford shirt

Basing your outfit around this amazing versatile shirt will make it much easier to put together the exact look you want, which is what makes this shirt such an important staple for your wardrobe. For casual dress codes, the Oxford shirt can be worn untucked or half-tucked, sleeves rolled up, and teamed with jeans, chinos, shorts and loafers. This casual look is easy, stylish and comfortable. Mens Ralph Lauren Oxford shirts, which come in a range of amazing options to suit your requirements, are available from stockists such as EJ Menswear.

There is a wealth of information online about how staple men’s wardrobe items enable you to dress with effortless style. Without an Oxford shirt in your wardrobe, your style and outfits will simply not be complete.

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The smart-casual Oxford style

Striking a balance between formal and casual can be tricky; however, one of the advantages of an Oxford shirt is that although it is a tailored item, it is very comfortable and easy to wear. You can take a short- or long-sleeved Oxford shirt and team it with a pair of smart trousers or chinos to create a smart office-worthy look. An Oxford shirt can also be paired with a suit, despite the heavier weave of the cloth, by simply adding a knitted tie to the mix. Combined with the button-down collar, this simple addition will effortlessly create a smart-casual outfit.

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