L-Shaped Living Rooms: How To Make The Most Of The Space You Have  

An L-shaped living room can be a bit of a head-scratcher for anyone interested in interior design. It can be tough to integrate the awkwardly shaped space into one cohesive room. One of the most popular uses for an L-shaped living room is to create a combination living-dining room; however, this is not always achievable, depending on the size of the room and its proximity to the kitchen.  

Fortunately, there are a great many things you can do with an L-shape living room without letting the extra space go to waste. While you might not be able to incorporate the whole room into a seating area, L-shaped rooms are perfect for creating two separate spaces that complement one another. You’ll need to consider the functionality of the room and the things you’ll most often be doing there.

Create A Reading Nook  

A reading nook is one of the best uses for a small space in an L-shaped living room. If you’re an avid reader, then having a dedicated space to curl up and read can be truly enriching. You could start by adding a bookshelf – just one on the end wall, so the space doesn’t start to feel too crowded. Next, you’ll need a comfortable reading seat. This could be a cosy armchair, stylish Chesterfield or even a snug beanbag chair. What is important is that you can relax in comfort while you read. You’ll also need some dedicated lighting to read by on overcast days or at night. A side lamp is often the best choice for this, as it will provide enough light to read by without being too harsh. You can then put in some accessories like wall art, a table for drinks and snacks, and a footstool to help you get truly comfy.

Use Extra Space For A Play Area  

Like a reading nook, a play area can be an excellent use for a smaller L-shaped living room. You could line the walls with colourful storage for your kids’ toys and decorate them in bright, fun colours – whichever your kids prefer. A soft, durable and easily washable rug can be the perfect finishing touch, along with educational posters and artwork for the walls. This can be a great way to give the kids a space to enjoy in the living room while the adults are watching TV or doing chores.

Make A Cosy Dining Area  

If you have the space, and your living room is easily accessible from the kitchen, then a dining space in an L-shape living room is a no-brainer. If space is limited, consider a round dining table which will give you more flexibility and space to pull out chairs when tucking into a family dinner. Ideally, the flooring will be hard rather than carpeted for ease of cleaning in an area where spills are most likely. Another great option for those with limited space is a fold-away dining table, which can allow for family meals without taking up too much space permanently.

Choose In An L-Shaped Sofa  

For an L-shaped room, an L-shaped sofa is an obvious choice. L-shaped sofas allow you to designate zones easily and can delineate the space between the living area and other zones with minimal effort. You should avoid any sofa that is too large for the space you have, as this will make it feel more cramped and cluttered. Measure up the room carefully to determine where the sofa should go and what size you should invest in.

Utilise Wall Décor To Mark The Different Areas  

If you’re creating a separate zone in your living room, using the bottom tip of the L for a different purpose than a living area, you can help designate that zone by changing the wall décor. For instance, if you’re making a reading nook, you could consider light, airy shades that promote natural light to read by. You can use different but complimentary colour schemes to show the different sections of the room and the different uses for them. It is best to hire a professional for any painting and wallpapering you want to do; they will be able to do the work cleanly and get it right the first time. You can find someone locally by searching the reviews on MyBuilder’s excellent directory of quality professional painter-decorators.

Place Mirrors To Create Space And Light  

A common issue with L-shaped rooms is a lack of natural light – some homes may have no window in the L corner, making it dimmer and appear smaller. You can combat this effect by putting up mirrors strategically that will reflect natural light sources around the room. Mirror have the dual effect of also making a room feel larger and airier, which is ideal for smaller spaces. There are many designs and types of mirrors you could use, from full-length options to stylish hanging mirrors in any shape you could think of.

Consider Room Dividers  

if you want to use your extra space in an L-shaped living room for activities that require at least some semblance of privacy, room dividers can be your best friends. A room divider can give you privacy and quiet when the main living area is in use, which is highly beneficial if you’re using the space for an office or reading nook. Room dividers can be anything from simple bi-folding screens to shelving units that offer extra storage. Do some research on the choices available to find the perfect match for your L-shaped living room.

Avoid Clutter  

Clutter is one of the easiest ways to make a space feel less than relaxing. In a busy family home, clutter can build up quickly, so you’ll need to declutter regularly to prevent this issue from occurring. Ensuring that everything in the house has a place can be a good way to avoid clutter – if you see something out of place, you should know exactly where you need to return it to. You should get into the habit of putting things away after use and ensure the kids know to do this as well; it’s never too early to teach children about keeping a neat and tidy home.

Create Walkways  

For any room that has different areas for different activities, it is vital to have space to get around. It can be tough to create walkways when you don’t have walls for guidance, but the right positioning of furniture can make all the difference. For instance, your sofa could be used to create a walkway to the dining area or reading nook at the L end of your space. You could also use narrow and functional, yet stylish, console tables to create a walkway space.


There are plenty of things you can do with an L-shaped living room of any size. With smaller spaces, it is often best to turn the extra corner of the room into a dedicated space for reading, working or playtime for the kids. If you have the room, then creating a functional space like a dining area can be beneficial. You should think carefully about what will give you the most benefits when deciding what to do with an L-shaped room – you can use the extra space for storage if you can’t think of a use that will be more beneficial. Just remember to use interior design techniques and ideas to make the very most of the space you have available.

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