Select Women’s Perfumes

How to Select Women’s Perfumes as the Ultimate Gift Items

Buying a present for someone dear to you can be a stressful but fun occasion. You know enough about them to know what they like, but you also want your present to be unique and to tell them what you think about them and how you appreciate their uniqueness. This is why perfumes are an ideal gift item because selecting a perfume is more about what you think the recipient will want and like, than what you would like. Furthermore, a good women’s perfume will last long and the recipient will remember you every time they apply the perfume. However, if you get it wrong, you run the risk of being the undiscerning gift giver. Hopefully, this guide will show you how to select the best women’s perfume for your loved one.

Ignore the Marketing Hype

Celebrity perfumes tend to have significant marketing and rarely have good fragrances. Of course this is to be expected because most celebrity perfumes are simply average fragrances masked with great branding and therefore, the first thing to consider is to ignore the blurb and simply sample the product without any biases. Some of the best perfume for women are not from renowned celebrities and they can be quite rare. The rarer the perfume, the high likelihood it has a great scent.

Consider The Recipients Preferences

Some women have a particular scent they prefer and don’t like to experiment with different fragrances. This is not strange, since scents are unique to everyone and perhaps a particular scent evokes a special memory and that’s why they prefer it. Selecting women’s perfume is not rocket science once you know what scent the recipient likes. Simply spend some time to note the scents and fragrances they put on during special occasions and you can even subtly ask them what scent they are wearing. Chances are you might get great insight on what they like and don’t like and this could save you the embarrassment of selecting a wrong note.

Women’s Perfumes Don’t Smell The Same On Everyone

The same perfume can smell differently depending on whoever has applied it. Therefore, simply because a certain perfume smells great on someone else does not mean it will smell the same on your recipient. Consider their beauty regimen and whether they have a certain natural scent as this will give you an indication on how the perfume will smell on them once they apply it.

Choosing The Best Fragrance

Choosing a fragrance is not the same as choosing a perfume. Some perfumes have different fragrances and therefore if you focus on the brand rather than the fragrance, you might get it wrong. You have a wide range of fragrances to choose from, and whether the recipient prefers, fruity or woody fragrances is really a matter of observation and asking them the right questions. You can also choose a romantic fragrance if you want to send a certain message through your fragrance choice.

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