How to fix Reddit Search

How to fix Reddit Search not working

Reddit is an online news and entertainment platform where registered users can post news or link or messages. Though it has started its journey in 2005, it has gained much popularity among users. Recently, it has also added lifestream content through Reddit public access network.

Reddit is such a platform where registered users can post links in the form of images, videos, or links. You can search for almost any news or link on this website. It is basically based on the concept of threat and sub-threads.  But sometimes Reddit search not working as users want. Here you will get to know the reason why Reddit search not working and the hacks of what to do to fix Reddit search not working.

Why is Reddit search not working

Sometimes users don’t find the result exactly they are looking for. Some of the reasons why the Reddit search not working are described below:

The search filter is on

In Reddit, there is an option for a search filter that can remove all the mature content. Besides, there is no notification showing that the search filter is on. So you can check whether your search filter is on or else it will only show a filtered result. To disable the search filter to show all the possible results.

Bugs in Reddit’s backend

We faced much feedback regarding bugs in Reddit’s backend. Later, a Reddit engineer acknowledged this issue and declared to fix it shortly.

Few options for customization

Reddit comes up with less customization available which comes up with little results. In such cases, you can go for other search options available to find out more results.

Enable Ad-blockers

If you turn your Ad-blockers on, then the website creates several issues with that. We faced many issues from the user who faces consistent problems when they turn their Ad-blockers on.

Troubleshooting for fix Reddit search not working

Check for Reddit Backend

Well, it can be possible that the reason behind Your Reddit search not working is that there might be some issues in Reddit’s Backend. Multiple times it has happened that the Reddit server is down or it is not working as expected. To ensure whether the problem is from the Reddit backend you can visit the Official Reddit page. If you see the Yellow bar then you can be sure that there are problems regarding the Reddit backend. Then, you have no way but to wait for fixing it from their side.

Turn off Ad Blockers

Normally, we enable AdBlocker so that we can surf the internet comfortably without facing any interruptions. But here if you enable Ad Blockers in Reddit then you might face casualties like this lack. Though extensions like Adblocker give you a pleasant experience it will cause issues like Reddit search not working.

Turn off search filter

In Reddit, the search filter is off inbuilt which removes NSFW (Not safe for work). In such cases, these NSFW posts will automatically remove from your search page. Then you might not find out the contents you are searching for. So, before going through the search process you have to turn off the search filter. For turning off this search filter you have to go to the profile preferences which are not known by many users. That’s why they repeatedly come up with these problems.

Firstly, go to the User settings. Then click on the feed settings. After that, enable the option. Now, you have to reload the website then check whether it stills exists or not.

Look for different search engine

There are other search engine options are available for searching content on Reddit. There are many alternative search engine options are available where you can search Reddit content through advanced searching options. The disadvantage is that you might face lack or your Reddit stops working with bizarre issues. At that time, to fix Reddit search engine not working you have to update to the latest version. You can use this solution if other Reddit searches not working.

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