How to make a Facebook post shareable

How to make a Facebook post shareable

You may have shared a post from a friend’s wall and then received messages from a third person who couldn’t see it. This happens because the privacy settings of content are decided by the user who publishes it (cd creator) and remains the same even when another share it. It is therefore important to know what possibilities are available when you publish a post on Facebook. In order to benefit the best from its mechanisms, also depending on the use you make of the social network, your profile, or your page.

The “soul” of Facebook is the interactions that can be generated between users, both among those who are already in contact, and among those who have not yet made friends. Of course, everyone is free to use it as they see fit: if your goal was to maintain relationships with some friends who live far away, old schoolmates or family members, it would be perfectly understandable to keep the privacy of the profile very tight and therefore prevent anyone is outside your circle of accessing your content (this is partially true because there is always the possibility that someone from your friends will take a screenshot or copy the post, video or photo you shared to your diary ). Know how to make a Facebook post shareable. However, it could be useful if you want to increase its visibility, to maximize its yield in terms of virality. That’s why I decided to write this tutorial and give you some tips on the subject.

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What is the use of a Facebook post being shared?How to make a Facebook post shareable

If you chew on concepts like virality and visibility. You will not be new to the considerations surrounding sharing a Facebook post by other users. Virality, in fact, is a key concept of marketing, which indicates the high number of shares reached by a post: news of great interest, a funny video, a striking image are all contents that can become viral, so like a post written on an important topic and for all to see.

If users like your content and decide to pass it on to their friends, the chances of further sharing would grow exponentially, as the circle will expand (but this is provided that there are certain privacy settings, which we will see shortly. ). In this way, it also increases the visibility of your profile (or your Page) and your name, which can be very useful if you are a person who works in digital or who has some experience on the subject.

Among the other advantages of sharing a post on Facebook is the increase in interactions. But also the possibility of spreading useful and reliable content for other users. Of course, many posts that we can cite as an example of virality are fun and light. But even a popular, thick post that provides information to other Web users can get this feedback. And, just like word of mouth, get to a significant number of people.

These positive aspects, of course, can occur if the privacy of Facebook posts is public and therefore allows anyone, not just friends, or friends of friends, to see content and share it. According to the privacy options, in fact, a post can be hidden or made invisible (to everyone, certain groups of people, friends, or followers). It goes without saying that the public will be very limited depending on these preferences. And the possibilities for it to spread widely, almost zero.

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Differences in sharing between Facebook profilesHow to make a Facebook post shareable

But what does it mean to make a Facebook post shareable? And what options are there on this social network? Depending on the type of profile that has been chosen, there are some predefined settings. For example, any content you share automatically from a Page could be visible to all users of the social network.

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Generally speaking, as regards the sharing of public content (of a profile or a Page), this could be shared on another personal profile, on another Page, in a Group, in a Messenger chat, or even on other social networks (e.g. Instagram) or instant messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp). Therefore, it could be viewed – theoretically – by all FB users.

Referring to the sharing of private content, however, we must take into account the type of restriction that has been activated on the shared content. For example, you could post a post with the “ Friends ” option, and this would only be seen by them. As a result, if a profile from your circles shared it the post would only be shown to so-called friends of friends.

Recommended privacy settings

As we have seen, in order for a post to have what it takes to be shared by others. It will be necessary to accept that privacy is less restricted. It is in fact necessary to configure the privacy on ” All ” to maximize the visibility of content.

If you connect to Facebook Web (from PC, via browser). You can do this by entering Settings and privacy and clicking Settings. In that section, choose the item Privacy and, under “ Your activities ”, set “ Who can see your future posts? ”On All.

Using the app for iOS or Android, tap the menu option (top right), choose Settings and privacy, and then Settings. Then scroll to the Privacy item and select the Privacy Settings option. On that screen, set “ Who can see your future posts? ”On All.

As another choice, you may decide to keep the FB profile private and only share public posts. That’s right, by changing the privacy of the post being published. But be careful: check the privacy of the public posts, which you find in Impostazioni e privacy > Privacy, so that all the options (or most of them) are set to All; otherwise, little or nothing would change.

Tips for increasing the shares of a Facebook postHow to make a Facebook post shareable

If you’ve made it this far, it means that you want to know more. And maybe you are also interested in understanding how you can make it easier to share your Facebook posts. In order to make them more engaging for the public. Kind of like when you want to end up in the Explore section of Instagram or go to For You on TikTok.

Of course, a preliminary indication that I can give you is to stay up to date on the trends of this social network. And on everything related to it. In order to seize the moment and be able to find the most interesting ideas. To grow and maximize visibility. It is important to have the right arguments, but also to foresee, to look ahead, and to do so. You need to know as much as possible.

Let’s now move on to more “operational” suggestions:

Use an account that is not private: the limitations of privacy. In fact, would almost make all your commitment to the content front in vain. Because the only ones who can share it would be your friends. While others would have problems and would not be able to view the content;

Try to post at specific times (on a Page), when your followers are awake. In the Insights section of the Facebook Pages, you can see the best days and times, ie the “peak” moments, in which the users who follow you are online;

Follow the trends of the moment: just as I remembered at the beginning, stay up to date and try to find out what is in fashion on this social network, then find a way to rework it according to your style and the taste of your audience. It’s not a sure recipe for success, but the odds of posting that will be liked and shared are higher. Who knows if someone doesn’t even manage to go viral;

Share on other social accounts: “give a boost” to your content by making it run on other profiles you manage or (legally) on Pages or Groups managed by other people, always as long as the post is in line with what is published usually, otherwise you risk generating the opposite effect;

Take care of every detail of the post: image, title, and description must have a style. Consider inserting a recurring element, your logo for example, and be consistent, but not boring. Stay true to your tone of voice, but if for some reason you are convinced that your audience can appreciate a sudden and isolated change, then dare, because creativity is also this;

Measure your results and build your growth strategy on that data. Evaluate which posts performed best and work towards achieving your goals;

Try to have an overview and find out who your audience is made up of, which users share your content, and what interests they have. Collect all the information that will be useful for future publications and use them in your favor.

Make old Facebook posts shareable

At this point, you may be wondering why not make your old Facebook posts public as well. So they can be seen and shared.

The reasoning makes sense, but it is much better to choose another path. That is to re-share them with privacy “Everyone”, to show them again to followers. If you just changed the privacy of the posts, in fact, they would not appear in the news feed a second time; this way yes, but don’t forget to evaluate their usefulness.

Make others’ post on Facebook shareable

You can’t change the privacy of posts posted by other people or Pages. If the security settings do not allow sharing, I do not deny that you could use third-party methods to perform this action. But I advise you not to use them because it would go against the will of the creator.


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