What Are The Benefits Of A Global Talent Visa In Australia?

Many individuals consider Australia to be one of the top destinations to work. But what if you are from a different country? You will require a visa to travel abroad. So, to gather skilled and talented individuals and gain permanent residency in Australia, the global talent independent program or the international talent visa was launched on 4th November 2019. With the help of the talent program, the Government of Australia is trying to bring in more than 15000 people across various industries to work and settle in the country. Previously, the global talent visa was called the distinguished talent visa. After the recovery of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, the government of Australia created a Global Talent Attraction Taskforce to attract professionals from different sectors and services to boost the economy and increase the employment level. Read further to know why you must work in Australia to apply for a global talent visa or fast-tracked tech talent.

Why is Australia a great place to work?

Australia is one of the best countries to live in because of its fantastic quality of life index, as per the United Nations. But the reasons don’t end here. Well, the below-listed reasons will showcase why Australia is a great place to work.

  1. A Multitude Of Immigrants: You will find many immigrants who are tolerant and happy to be a part of the multicultural society since the country’s founding. You can ensure that racial discrimination is rejected in the country.
  2. Safest Countries On The Planet: Many consider Australia the safest country on the planet. It is one of the prime reasons people prefer migrating to Australia. You will rarely find crimes due to the efficiency of the police forces. Australians are pleased to live in a peaceful society.
  3. Active Economy: Australia is known for its active economy, which has strengthened since the last decade. The skilled workforce, social harmony, lifestyle and the socio-political backing of democratic institutions in Australia are examples for the world.
  4. Quick Visa Approval: The visa program of Australia is faster than other countries because the country takes a minimum of 18 months to approve the visa, whereas other countries can take more than 18 months.
  5. Lavish Lifestyle: Australia has a great lifestyle enjoying your free time with your family and friends, sports and contact with nature. Although work is fundamental, recreational activities must be added to your to-do list for the day.

How Can The Global Talent Visa Be Beneficial To You?

There are several benefits of the global talent visa. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Permanent Stay: With the help of this visa, you get to settle in Australia permanently. If you are talented and dream of living in this country, you must apply for a global talent visa.
  2. No Requirement For Exceptional English Language Skills: If you come from a country where English is not your primary language and want to live in Australia, you can instantly earn a visa after fulfilling the eligibility criteria.
  3. No points Test: When you apply for other skilled visas, the assessment will be based on point tests. But with the global talent visa, you need to be skilled and talented by showing evidence of international recognition in any field, sector and industry, including memberships, patents, professional awards and so forth.
  4. Free State Schooling: If you have children, you will be delighted with the free state schooling benefits.

How Must You Apply For A Global Talent Visa?

You have to file the Expression of Interest (EOI) after applying for the visa and being nominated. Then, you will have to submit the important documents to the Australian authorities. Then, you will have to open an immigration account on the Australian website and apply for the visa online. If the Australian authorities approve your visa, they will dispatch a visa grant number along with other parameters.

Getting a visa through the global talent independent program is effortless. If you are ready to contribute to the economy of Australia, you will certainly have a great time living in the country.

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