Friendly Dog Breeds

Friendly Dog Breeds That Will Change Your Life Forever

Dogs can change your life in various ways from displaying unprecedented loyalty and love to fueling your need to stay fit. They are in different sizes, shapes, and temperaments. Also, different breeds suit different lifestyles.

Generally, dogs are our sociable, happy, and fun companions. But some breeds are friendlier than others. So, which breeds are the friendliest? Keep reading to find out!

The Friendliest Dogs

Whether you want a new family pet or are just curious about friendly dog breeds, we’ve got you covered. Below are 13 of the friendliest dog breeds available:

1. Beagle

This doggy is extremely easy-going, friendly, and curious. It is bred as a hunting dog, so it is accustomed to moving in a pack. This behavior contributes to its friendly nature. Beagle is a great family dog and a loyal companion.

It is also energetic and active, requiring enough playtime and exercise. You can read this article to learn how to groom, train, and exercise a Beagle.

2. Collie

Collie is well-known because of its loyal and sociable personality. It makes a good breed for kids. It is also athletic and loves regular exercise and play. It is smart and not difficult to train. It also likes participating in family activities.

3. Bearded Collie

Bursting with excitement and energy, the bearded collie is a herding dog that is known for its shaggy coat. The family furry is friendly and gets along with anyone. However, it requires regular exercise, so it won’t get bored. Exercising also helps it to release energy.

Additionally, the breed is outgoing and smart but can be independent. Therefore, dedicated and consistent training is essential.

4. Border Collie

This is also a herding dog with a high level of energy. It is highly trainable, incredibly smart, and aims to please. It is rated as the friendliest dog breed, but it may be quite reserved when strangers are around. The breed requires enough exercise, which makes it ideal for active families and pet owners, particularly those participating in stimulating activities like dog sports.

5. Boston Terrier

This breed is small but has a lively personality that you can never dislike. It is friendly, fun, and sociable. It loves meeting new people and it’s also good with children. Also, it requires regular exercise. But you don’t need to have excess space in your yard to achieve that because it is a thorough city dog.

6. Cavalier Spaniel (King Charles)

Friendly Dog Breeds

The adorable eye of a Spaniel speaks volumes. The dog is gentle, loyal, ready to please, good with children, and nice to other animals and people. It can also participate in various activities as well as sports. Generally, the breed is happy when it is with you and it’s incredibly smart. You can click on to read more about the Cav.

7. Boxer

Boxer is loyal, fun-loving, and smart. It is also among the breeds that are good with children. It also serves as a watchdog for families. But not to worry, it does not always display a serious face.

It is a silly dog and will hardly pass an opportunity to play. Boxer has so much energy, so it needs to exercise every day. You can easily train this breed and training helps to channel its energy productively.

8. Labrador Retriever

Labrador has earned the title of the most popular pet in America since 1991. It is outgoing, friendly, and has an active personality. The Lab socializes with children, strangers, and other animals. It loves playing, has a high level of energy and is easy to train.

9. Irish Setter

You can recognize this breed from its beautiful red coat. It is affectionate, sweet-natured, and outgoing. It is also good with children, ready to please, loves playing, and makes new friends easily. It has a high level of energy, so ensure you keep it busy with training and exercise.

10. Bulldog

Sometimes, it looks grumpy, but a bulldog is among the friendly breeds around. It is low-maintenance, easy-going, and makes a steadfast companion. Wherever you want to go, countryside, city, or suburb, the dog is happy to follow and meet new people.

Additionally, the dog needs moderate exercise, making it a good choice for people who do not have much space at home for activity. You can easily train a bulldog because it is generally agreeable.

11. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is among the popular breeds in America. It is outgoing, happy, and loyal. It is also eager to please, which makes training a lot easier. Because of its friendly nature that extends to kids and other pets, a Golden Retriever is an excellent family dog. It is very active and requires daily play and exercise.

12. Vizsla

You can recognize this breed by its gold-rust coat. It is a gentle sporting and affectionate dog, known for bonding with its owner. It is also friendly and loves taking part in family activities. Vizsla has a high energy bar, is quite active, and is ever ready to please. Therefore, ensure it gets enough exercise every day.

13. Havanese

This dog is smart, sociable, fun, adaptable, and outgoing. It likes attracting attention and meeting new people. It is an excellent city dog and can serve as a watchdog despite its small size.

Also, the breed is not difficult to train, excels in its family companion role, and requires moderate exercise. You can visit holistapet to learn more about Havanese and other dog breeds.


Although some breeds have friendly personalities, there are several dogs that may be good for your family. Do you want a playful and active furry friend, a stranger and kid-pleasing doggy, an easy-to-train pup, or all the above? In the end, you will make your choice based on what your family wants in a friendly breed.

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