Clean Toilet Tank Yourself Completely

How to Clean Toilet Tank Yourself Completely

Generally, the water we used in the toiler tank is hard water. So this water isn’t too clean. For this, it can be dirty and muddy.  In the toilet tank, water sits for a period that time the dirt and mud stain stick to the toilet tank inner surface.

How to Clean Toilet Tank With Vinegar

If you have enough time then vinegar will be appropriate for you. To clean your toilet tank with vinegar you need at least 12 hours. If you don’t want to use hot water. Hot water can damage your toilet tank parts and it is also risky for you. Because accidentally hot water can be spilled out on your body any time and it will burn your skin.

First, close the toilet tank water supply. Now flush the tank until it becomes empty then open the lid. Pour the tank with vinegar and also spray it on the toilet tank parts. Sit the vinegar for 12 hours. After 12 hours flush all vinegar. Take a brush to scrub the stain. At this time brush is more useful to remove the stain. Now unplug all parts of the toilet tank and pull out them outside. Individually scrub them with soap or baking powder. After scrubbing them then wash. Before reassembling, all parts wash the tank and reassemble all parts. After that flush the tank three or four times.

If you can’t wait for 12 hours or don’t have an extra bathroom then you can apply another trick. It will reduce your waiting time. For this, you need baking soda and dawn.

Take two cups of vinegar, four tablespoons of dawn, and one cup of baking soda. Now make a solution with all ingredients. Take a spray bottle and pour it with some solution and spray it into the toilet tank. Now sit it for one or two hours then scrub it and wash the tank.

How to Clean Toilet Tank With Citric Acid

If your toilet tank is too much dirty and you don’t have enough time. That time you can use citric acid.

Firstly, turn off the toilet tank water supply. Then flush your toilet tank until it becomes empty. After that open the lid. Now you can see the dirt which is stick to the inner surface of the toilet tank. Now you need hot water. Don’t use boiling water,  just around 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. To prepare the solution you need 3 to 5 gallons of water and 1 to 1.5 cups of citric acid.

Pour the toilet tank with the hot water and then effuse the citric acid. If you pour the tank with 3 gallons then you need 1 cup otherwise you have to need one and a half cups of citric acid. This solution doesn’t cover the whole tank that’s why you can use rags. Wet the rags in the tank and hang them on the toilet tank’s inner side. It also helps you to remove the stain where the solution doesn’t reach. You can stir the solution so everything will dissolve properly but it doesn’t necessarily. Now you have to wait for 3 hours and in this time don’t stir it or nothing do.

After 3 hours take the rags and flush the toilet tank until it becomes empty. Before doing that wear hand gloves cause citric acid is harmful to our skin. Take cleaning edge to scrub the toilet tank inner surface. You can use an old toothbrush instead of a cleaning edge. Plug out all parts of the inner toilet tank if it is possible. If you don’t know how to plug out these parts then you don’t need to do that. Just scrub or brush the inner part of the tank carefully. Now turn on the toiler tank water supply and wash the tank 2 or 3 times. Keep reading: The best shower cleaning brush for any bathroom.

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