best shower cleaning brush

The best shower cleaning brush for any bathroom

Shower is a place where the floor and wall are wetted many times in a day. As a result, the shower floor becomes slippery and the wall also became dirt. If your water supply line supplies hard water then the minerals deposit quickly and you need to clean them. But conventional brush can’t clean it properly and also there is a possibility to exist germ that needs to especial treat. For this, you need the best shower cleaning brush that can clean every inch of the shower properly.

Mengku 1 Piece Scalable Rotatable Long Extendable Handle

Mengku manufacture this brush which is one-piece with have an extendable handle. It is made of plastic and alloy so the durability of this brush is high. The head of the brush is triangle so it can easily reach the corner which is an amazing feature to clean up your shower every corner.

Since it is a one-piece so there is no trouble to adjust and remove the head. Brush head dimension is length 17 cm, width 8 cm, and height 4 cm. The extendable handle length is about 45 cm to  90 cm.

If necessary then the user can use the head separately to clean glass, tile, floor, etc.

Amazer Scrub Brush Comfort Grip & Flexible Stiff Bristles

Without the handle, this brush design efficiently cleans hard-to-clean dirt by scrubbing. It has a handle which comfortable to hold so when you are scrubbing the dirt then you don’t irritate.

Amazer manufactures this product with a combination of green and white. The bristles of the brush are made of fibers so the durability of the brush is long. The head of the brush design to scrubbing hard and soft surfaces. So it is useable for tile walls, tubs, glass, floor.

The brush bristles are made of PP fiber so the bristles don’t deform easily. The length of the bristle is 1 inch so it helps the user to clean quickly and noting stuck into bristles.

OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub & Tile Brush

Though the title mentioned tub & tile, it works for glass, floor, and narrow spaces smoothly. The extendable handle extends up to 42” so you don’t need to climbing or stool.  The head of the brush is triangle and has some bristles parallelly so it is easy to clean the corner.

The head is bendable so there is no trouble when brush back and forth. Brush bristle is made of fiber so the durability is long. But the weight is a little bit more due to the long handle and thick brush head. Don’t require any battery or electricity for this one-piece brush.

Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber advanced shower cleaning brush

The scrubbing head is round so it can easily spin. Its advanced scrubber is run by electricity and it helps you to complete your task smoothly. The brush head is adjustable up to 80 degrees and in the set, there is four multi-purpose brush head. The handle is adjustable for this you don’t need any tool to extends and you can extend it from 27 inches to 43.3 inches.

Bristles length is more than 7 mm. The cleaning corner is a little bit hard because it has no tringle shape brush. You can work with this brush for 3 hours incessantly and the noise is less than 70dB.

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