happily married people

10 habits of happily married people

How many times have you dreamed of enjoying a successful and happily married life? To achieve a stable relationship that combines love , sexual desire and long-term attachment, you only need to adopt the habits of happy marriages .

In Mexico, during 2012 there were 585 thousand 434 marriages , while in the same year there were 99 thousand 509 divorces, a figure that has increased considerably over the years, but how can a successful marriage be maintained?

happily married people

Make them part of happily married life!

Many times the infatuation fades with time in a relationship and becomes more of a friendship than love or attraction, however, the following habits can help you to maintain happily married couples.

1. Keep the romance . A study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science details that intense love can be maintained throughout life, since the brain has the ability to maintain interest in the couple. The key is to take care of the long-term details.

2. Let yourself be blinded by love. At the beginning couples often adore their partner, so they see it more attractive and intelligent. The key is not to let this disappear, acquire the ability to idealize and maintain positive illusions about your partner.

3. Try things together. Monotony is a major obstacle to maintaining long-term love, so find interesting things to experience every day, according to specialists at Psychology Today .

4. Take care of your independence . Dependence is the enemy of desire , so try to witness the successes of the happily married couples and respect the privacy of each.

5. Discover the passion for life together. A study from Stony Brook University details that each person’s personality nurtures long-term love , so show your enthusiasm for various activities and improve your relationship.

6. Self-realization. See your relationship as a self-fulfillment, forget that marriage will give you greater security, but see it as a complement to fulfill yourself as a person and enjoy happiness.

7. Trust and forgive. These two characteristics are basic for a stable marriage. If they argue, analyze things and forgive some mistakes of your partner, as long as they do not affect your integrity.

8. Hugs in bulk. When you meet again after a complicated afternoon of work, embrace and share how much you missed.

9. Keep in touch. Send messages with love words or to ask how they are doing in the day.

10. Go to bed at the same time. This way they will have the opportunity to talk about interesting things, caress or share an intimate moment away from society or your pending.

Do not see marriage as an escape or the way to cover your basic needs, on the contrary, let it be a complement to your life, happiness and passion for life. I think now you know how to be happily married and what habits do you practice with your partner?

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