feel really gipsy

Bohemian Style: All you must have to feel really gipsy!

The bohemian or gipsy style is a modern and romantic variation of the hippie style, of which it shares the love for floral patterns and for freedom.

The bohemian style comes back every year to the approach of summer because it represents the freedom, the carefree and the desire to travel that are always associated with the summer period. Despite the fact that it easily incorporates fabrics, patterns and accessories of all kinds inside, the bohemian style is mainly characterized by some garments and accessories that have become true symbols of the gipsy style.

feel really gipsy

Bohemian Clothing: Color and Freedom

In many ways the bohemian style is reminiscent of the hippie style typical of the seventies. Soft and ample volumes characterize virtually every item of clothing, from long skirts to unstructured coats that wrap around the figure.

The bohemian dresses for women are generally ankle-length and invariably present colorful and flowery patterns. They can sometimes be restrained by belts in rope or leather that make them stick to the waist or hold them on the hips.

Crop tops and tank tops are the only items of bohemian clothing that can take the luxury of being skimpy, very short at the waist or with deep necklines.

The jeans are declined in all forms possible, but are particularly suitable for the bohemian style those from a wide cut, maybe of light fabric and possibly a bit ‘torn.

Boho Shoes and Sandals

The boho sandals are a true cornerstone of the bohemian style, which by far favors open shoes to closed ones. The low sandals are usually leather decorated with bold colors or beads, while those with wedges have fabric decorations more often. Even espadrilles are great for this style!

Slave style sandals are also very suitable for bohemian style, to be recommended only to those with thin calves and want to show them off.

The important thing is that all the models of sandals highlight the foot by covering it as little as possible. Glazed nails and small foot jewels such as rings and anklets are also a must.

Among the closed shoes the boots are preferred to any other model, better if in perforated nappa and in neutral or very natural colors.

Bohemian Accessories

The bohemian jewels are of two types: very thin, mainly silver or of little precious alloys, or large, colorful and bulky with large semi-precious stones. In sense of fashion boho chic carried in great abundance: one never wears a single necklace but at least two or three of different lengths; the rings must be present on almost every finger.

The bohemian bags are generally large and very colorful, mostly made in natural products and colors such as straw, leather or fabric. Cloth bags often have fringed decorations that are reminiscent of Native American clothing.

Among the other bohemian accessories you cannot forget the sunglasses, practically indispensable since every self-respecting boho spends most of the day outdoors and the wreaths of flowers that become a characteristic complement for the more feminine outfits close to the hippie spirit of the bohemian style.

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