Why you should hang a chandelier in your home

What do you picture when you think of chandeliers? Do you see imposing stately homes with huge, glittering fixtures hanging from lofty ceilings? For many of us, this is what the idea of a chandelier conjures up. If this is you, you probably wouldn’t think about installing a chandelier in your home; however, a quick bit of research will soon open your eyes to the many types of contemporary chandeliers available these days. You will find, huge, luxurious fixtures that require a plain expanse of ceiling to be properly shown off, alongside petite, pretty fittings that are small enough to grace even the smallest hallway.

hang a chandelier

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No matter what your taste, budget or decor style, you will be amazed by how many chandeliers out there would look perfect in your home. There is something in every shape, size, colour and style, making it easier than ever to add a touch of luxury to any room in your home.

The advantages of chandeliers

There is no doubt about it – chandeliers make an impact. No matter what style or size you go for, they are statement lighting and are designed to be admired. Even smaller chandeliers can be eye-catching and stunning to look at. If you think chandeliers are too dated or old-fashioned for your home, check out some of the more contemporary designs Elle Decor has picked out. From futuristic, space-themed fixtures to glittery constructions that would not look out of place in a nightclub, there is something to add a touch of glamour and interest to any home. Continue reading Selling your House? – How to Present your Home in the Best Way

hang a chandelier

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They also add ambiance, with the way they cast their light adding interest to an otherwise dull space. Take a look at some of the stunning examples of luxury chandeliers at specialists such as http://roccoborghese.com/ to see just how amazing they can be.

Where to install a chandelier

Chandeliers are great in entrance halls, as they will be the first thing anyone sees when they enter your home. Ceilings are often higher in hallways, meaning you can get away with something a little more elaborate. They are also stunning when placed in a dining room at the dining table. If you choose one that casts a soft, glittery glow over the room, you will instantly upgrade your dinner parties and meal times from drab to fab.

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